There is a picture of the truth! It's a weak blow! Poke in and see!

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Not a cucumber.

Now this time, the light hooves hooves useless, has the picture to be persuasive!

And then the egg.

There is a picture of the truth, this is not false.

But there is a figure must be identified, there will be OCR.

The small partners will certainly ask me in unison, OCR is what ghost.

Table Anxious. Just three steps to teach you to lick the dog instantly in love with ocr!

Come on, I'm going to start loading 13!

First, take out the brick phone in your trouser pocket.

Then connect to Wi-Fi and download a app-you'll never know before you die!

Take out your proud ID card and have a picture of your cute avatar.

I rub. All the information is instantly recorded in the phone.

This is the recognition, this is OCR.

Recognize the text on the image and help you enter it to make your ctrl+c,ctrl+v.

This time there must be a group of people trying to drown me in saliva for minutes.

Because such software for them, there is no god horse cock use!

All they want is some free HD uncensored. avi format for popping artifacts!

In fact, this is really for me to Pa.

I just snapped things like bank cards, ID cards, business cards and stuff like that.

The attentive little partner must have noticed such a detail.

All kinds of apps require you to enter a bank card number when you are asked to bind your card.

Manual entry and photo recording. What kind of choice do you have?

As long as you're not a goddamn stubborn. Then I guess you must choose to take photos.

In fact, this is the use of OCR recognition technology.

But this technology is not as open as the excavator with a sense of the picture and sense of sight!

But this feature really solves our big problem.

Because in addition to enter the ID card number, bank card number, mobile phone number and other these numbers.

There's a lot more that we're going to enter.

If you are a copywriter, you must have entered a stack of data, plus classes, banging on the keyboard.

Perhaps also pushed off a lover's movie, and bitter eat noodles.

Just to be able to send an electronic version of the material to boss's mailbox early tomorrow morning.

If you're a travel agent, you're sure to lose your passport when you're entering it.

A copy of the next passport is a real pain in the back of the day.

Especially in the tourist season, it is a memorable memory.

Finance, insurance, automobiles, education .....

Too many industries have such a demand for identification.

The birth of a PC makes the whole earth tremble.

It also accelerates the pace of work, which is why so many people are working overtime every day.

The hardware is the foundation, the software is the essential equipment.

A set of Office software, it will give us a more powerful.

We don't have to beat the poor keyboard hard every day.

Simply scan the originals and turn them into images and use OCR to identify them.

The text on the image is then entered into our application system.

In fact, it's wonderful to think about it.

There must be such a group of people around us.

They like reading, love books like life.

Can not eat, but must read, can not buy clothes, but must buy books.

At the same time, they have special likes to share.

See the beautiful verses, read to the force of the jokes, always want to share the first time out.

Then the words to the screen really let them lose the feelings of sharing.

But if there is support for OCR technology.

Just take a shot, the text in the book can be copied and pasted instantly.

Tweet or send a friend circle. The feeling of all kinds of Meng Da.

There must be such a group of people around us.

They like to travel and travel to make them more likely to live.

Today's circle of friends in Lhasa, the day after tomorrow's circle of friends flew to Saipan.

But the saddest thing happened, their poor English.

In addition to saying, Hello, goodbye, and can not jump out any words.

Go on a trip, go to the hotel, go to the restaurant, the most critical to the toilet.

What if I don't know the words on the road signs?

Ask passers-by? Stop it, passers-by a local dialect can thunder death you ya.

It's okay, don't worry.

Take out the mobile phone, gently a pat, Chinese translation instantly greeted.

This is another credit for OCR.

In our side, there are such a group of people.

Every day in the use of OCR recognition technology, but do not know what OCR.

It's not your fault.

Because this is a software developer's business.

Our quest for technology is endless.

We create a better life.

We create a life of wisdom.

Ocr. Not the image, but the whole world.

There is a figure to identify.

With you, there is OCR.

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There is a picture of the truth! It's a weak blow! Poke in and see!

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