There is no actual counterpart in the placement advertisement scenario.

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Black Subtitles: Three months later

Black Film gradually showed: the judge read the project collapse accident verdict.

After a public hearing, the court ruled that: 1. The collapse accident of the gorgeous building project was caused by the improper construction of the Construction Company and the improper structure design of the design company, the engineering construction company compensated the project developer for 80% of all economic losses, totaling RMB 85 million. Beijing huamei International Architectural Design Office, headed by Deng jiangtao, undertook 20% of all economic losses, A total of 21.25 million RMB. 2. The responsibility is caused by the design defect of Gao tianhui, a partner of Deng jiangtao's structural engineer. However, Gao tianhui is missing, and Deng jiangtao, as the owner of the firm, shall be jointly and severally liable for compensation.

Deng jiangtao stood on the dock and looked chilly ......

Deng jiangtao's Narration:The verdict is over, and my Olympic construction site is stopped.At this moment, it seems to have ended. I did not appeal. I think this is my responsibility, and I cannot escape it even if I am desperate. I took out all the cash,I sold all my real estate and my family. Of course, I just bought one.New car. Now I finally know what it is, what it is.



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