There is something to encrypt the site-This wootong free SSL Certificate

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Today, I am bored looking at the blog Park and suddenly see such an article about SSL site encryption. I felt very curious and looked at it. I felt good. Now I can encrypt the site data. And there is a free trial, huh, huh. It seems that the user experience is still taken into account. So I forwarded the article to other bloggers .. If you want to build your own site and try again. You can apply for one and deploy it. It seems quite fresh .. Haha ..

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Search Baidu for "use OpenSSL to generate Certificates". Baidu found about 74,500 related results for you. Are there so many people looking for free SSL certificates and using OpenSSL to generate self-signed certificates?

Waotong's online promotion should be enhanced! How many webmasters search for her in the crowd, how many night lights to stand up...

Waotong free SSL certificates support all browsers, servers, and mobile terminals, with no registration required and are issued within 10 minutes.

Next, let's share our experience.

1. First, click here to apply for the website: All Chinese characters, no need to register, apply directly, it is no longer cumbersome here

2. submit an application to issue the application within 10 minutes;

3. Download the certificate and I will upload it.

4. Configure nginx

First, upload the above two files to VPs (required, winscp is recommended). I will save them in/home/SSL and then open nginx in AMH. conf. The file is located in/usr/local/nginx/CONF. Add the following content to the brackets of listen.

Listen 443;

SSL on;

Ssl_certificate/home/SSL/public. CRT;

Ssl_certificate_key/home/SSL/private. Key;

Ssl_protocols sslv2sslv3 tlsv1;

Ssl_ciphersall :! ADH :! Export56: RC4 + RSA: + high: + medium: + low: + SSLv2: + exp;


Finally, execute AMH nginxrestart to restart nginx ~

There is something to encrypt the site-This wootong free SSL Certificate

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