There used to be a mountain, a temple in the mountains.

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Rabbit Tail Lao Li
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There used to be a mountain and a temple on the hill.
Cloud White Pine Green Spring Cheng, abbot Dong smile.

There is no sun and moon in the mountain, Buddhism no white soap.
No smell of the world xingbing, for people before the name, deluge do not leave the line.
0 Ding of the Buddha's front fragrance.

The world is suffering, now clear tears salty, suddenly there is a day to the mountain front.
North Slope Gunwi Sheng, East Village gunfire Ming.
Not Killing and bloody.
Dong trembling, abbot only chanting.
My Buddha compassion if love, but for the war in an instant stop, Amitabha read all over, has been known as the Geng Star.
The cry was better than the rest.

Yuemingxingxi shift days, outside the gate is tired, bloody clothes general roll dismount, horse head lightly contradict knock.
Abbot busy startled, the cloak open door, although fear blood light dirty My Buddha, can't bear the general fate of the west.
Two days general woke up, 5th General return, 7th Temple Men Wai.
Asked Yue do not know, two asked Yue unknown, six monks are died.
The Buddha collapsed into the temple.

The Sunset Moon rises, the vicissitudes.
The Emperor cruises to the mountain front.
Civilian officials praise the beauty of the mountain, the generals boast water sweet.
The Prime Minister paved the paper to draw mountains and emperor his own words.
There used to be a mountain, a temple on the hill ...

There used to be a mountain, a temple in the mountains.

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