There's nothing more important than believing in yourself.

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It was in my big time, Taipei just started the International Film Festival not long ago, I have a senior to buy tickets, but because of time conflict, asked me if I want to see. I saw the film name is "Fool in prison", thought should be comedy, so took the movie tickets, happy Heart to see the free movie.

Before high school, I didn't have much chance to see a movie. To me, the so-called good movies, probably only in the Roman Holiday "Gone with the Wind" such as Hollywood films. "The Fool's imprisonment" is the director of Woody Allen's early self-made self-directed a self-irony and questioned the life of the work. At the time of the day, I sat in the cinema, shaking so much that I didn't know what to say. I never knew the film could have such a rich and profound way of expression. I tried my best to see all the Woody Allen movies I could find. After that, I came into contact with many of the films of the leading contemporary directors. These movies have opened up a whole new world for me. I gradually became a standard "shadow fetish". As long as the holiday, I always lined up for a full day of the movie tour, a catch up.

As for the general school curriculum, with a little clever, plus cramming, always smooth and smooth clearance. By the second semester, entering the basic medical course, the pressure of schoolwork gradually becomes heavier. I was intoxicated in the movie world unaware, waiting to receive the midterm report card, saw many of the above on the edge of the passing line of the scores, only to find the big bad.

There is a past to see a film, was determined to "quit the film" seniors said to me: "I advise you to stop watching the film, you have to deal with the schoolwork wholeheartedly." It would be miserable to rebuild in the future. Think about it, don't hadn't like me. ”

One side is the "physician" of the real world, one side of the "film" of the imaginary world, the conflict between them in my heart more and more intense. At that time I talked about a "breakup" of love, often depressed. When the mood is low, the dull basic medicine is naturally more not to be read, had to lay down the book to see the movie. The more fascinating and deeper the world is, the more I feel the light and the dull life outside of the shadow. In this way, I became more and more unable to concentrate on reading, unable to focus on reading and forcing me to go to the movies, life and emotions so become unable to extricate themselves from the vicious circle ... In order to not fall into this vicious circle, do not see the film and can not focus on reading, I began to organize things. One day when the drawer, I suddenly figured out a thing: instead of the things you don't want to pick out from the drawer, it is better to pour out all the things, and then put the things that are not necessary to put in good.

After finishing the drawer, I felt smooth. It is not patience, but determination, that is most needed to tidy a drawer. I began to look at my life in the same way and ask myself: If life is a drawer, what is it? I found a piece of paper on it: 1. Eat, sleep, 2. Reading, examination.

Looking at the empty piece of paper above a few words, I began to look back to the past life without a curb. After looking back, I was a little sad to find that if I had to make a brief summary of my limited more than 20-year life, my life, and this blank piece of white paper, was basically close. A feeling of pity, and a cloud of clouds.

And then I thought, what will I get if this life goes on? A decent job? A decent car, a house? And then what? Decent girlfriends, decent weddings, decent wives, sons, plus decent friends, maybe. And then what? Decent old go, decent death, decent coffin, funeral. And then what? Perhaps there will be a respectable friend at the funeral to say that I am a good person.

Even if I am really lucky, these have done, my life summed up, and this empty white paper is no different, right? Perhaps because of a little bit of not reconciled, I was on the White Paper, and wrote a few words. So the text on the white Paper became: 1. Eat, sleep, 2. Reading, examination, 3. Film.

In this way, not only did I not stop watching movies, but I went to the movies.

At that time, eat, sleep is to study, prepare for the exam. Studying and preparing for exams is to have time to watch movies. Watching movies, but also to allow themselves to eat, sleep, continue to study, prepare for exams, save more time to see the film ...

Every time I saw a movie, I would simply record the basic information of the film and my own experience in the notebook. After a junior, senior, I successfully passed the basic medical baptism and test. As a medical student, this is a matter of fact, nothing much to say. But what surprised me most was that in that year or two, I counted the notebooks and I watched more than 300 movies every year.

From a certain point of view, the film opened my horizons, enriched my thinking, strengthened my narrative ability, if not such experience, I obviously could not have become a writer's foundation and conditions. But I didn't know what that choice meant to me.

When I look at three hundred or four hundred movies in a crazy year, I never thought that one day I would become a writer, and I don't know what kind of ex-money this interest would bring. Not only I do not know, all the people who later developed their interests into careers, in that moment, can not see the former (money) where the end.

For many people, because they do not see, so fear, hesitation. Because of fear and hesitation, the voices of these realities of the former (money) will become huge and noisy, and because of this, it is becoming more and more difficult for you to hear the vague and vague call from the heart.

And in that moment, the only vague and vague call that can lead you to your destination is your heart.

This is your only recourse, and you have to listen to it, believe it, and follow it closely. Nothing is more important than believing in yourself.

There's nothing more important than believing in yourself.

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