These are some details of Apple's new Mac operating system.

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These are some details of Apple's new Mac operating system.

Apple announced the new OS x operating system OS X El Capitan at last week's global Developers Conference (WWDC). The new system has improved the functional details of some built-in applications, added free split-screen display and more flexible gesture operations, while greatly improving system operation efficiency.

It should be said that, about a year ago, the Yosemite operating system, which was released by us, had made many major changes on the previous system, however, in this OS X El Capitan, we may not see such huge changes. However, in all fairness, Apple's update strategy in OS X El Capitan does not seem to require a thorough innovation in the use experience of the entire system, I just want to further optimize some existing functions and modules.

For example, mac native applications, including emails, maps, and memos, have all seen significant improvements. Mac's built-in Spotlight search starts to support querying weather conditions and sporting event scores, while Apple's built-in map service in addition, the public transportation Transfer Function with strong user response is added.

As the BI technology editor, I was lucky enough to take the lead in trying out the early OS X El Capitan test version on my MacBook Pro. From the perspective of the current user experience, I think OS X El Capitan improvements may satisfy those users who rely heavily on apple native applications. However, for users who are more dependent on third-party applications such as Google (Weibo) maps, Evernote, and Wunderlist, OS X Capitan may remain unchanged for them.

At present, many third-party applications have performed better than Apple's native applications.

Apple said on WWDC that interested developers can apply for a trial version of OS X El Capitan on the Apple website, which will be officially launched next month. Although some features and modules on OS X El Capitan are not final versions yet, this does not prevent us from simply looking at the detailed changes to the latest operating system of apple from a functional perspective.

1. from the moment the user first came into contact with OS X El Capitan, they may soon be able to feel the differences between the operating system, because Apple designed a function for users to quickly find the cursor position. Specifically, you can shake the mouse or slide back and forth on the touchpad to enlarge the mouse cursor to help you quickly locate.

In addition, the official website of Apple also wrote a very artistic operation instruction for this function, that is, "Let your cursor jump to the eye ".

2. OS X El Capitan supports the application split-screen display function. Apple hopes to make full use of each pixel of Mac through this function. For example, you can discuss dinner plans with friends in the information application while searching for favorite restaurants on the map. However, this function is very similar to the split-screen display function launched by Microsoft as early as Windows 7.

3. if you have opened many applications at the same time, you can open the re-designed Mission Control Panel by swiping up with three fingers and easily process all applications on this page.

4. OS X El CapitanSpotlight allows you to search for information including the scores of weather and sports events, and quickly search for files on devices using natural language. For example, you can say "Search for photos I edited yesterday" to Mac to start personalized search. Of course, the Spotlight in OS X El Capitan is still not as omnipotent as Google search, so we still recommend that you use Google in daily search, use Spotlight when searching files in the device.

5. Memorandum

OS X El Capitan's memorandum application has ushered in a huge update, the new version of the memorandum allows users to directly drag PDF files, photos and other files, links to the Memorandum

6. Safari

At first glance, the Safari browser in OS X El Capitan is no different from the previous one, but Apple actually made a lot of details on it. For example, the new Safari adds the fixed tab feature so that it can be directly displayed after the browser is restarted, and these fixed tabs will remain active in the background and always be hung on the left side of the tab bar. At the same time, Safari has an independent volume button, so users can find and close annoying web page sounds at any time.

7. Email

The mailbox in OS X El Capitan has received some minor updates, which may even make people feel similar to Google Mail. For example, if someone invites you to a meeting, you can click the time and date to add it to the calendar; you can add a sender as a contact by clicking the sender if the sender sends an email to you for the first time or updates the contact information. The new mail application allows you to edit multiple emails at the same time; in the New Mail version, the full screen display and swipe gesture functions are added. The swipe gesture function is similar to the email application on the iPhone. You only need to swipe the email to the Right to mark the email as read or unread, or, scan left to delete the email.

More closely, users can also use the "natural language search" function mentioned above during mailbox search, such as "Searching emails sent by Jesse yesterday ".

8. Apple Map

Apple added the public transport route query feature for the new map service, which will be used in more than 20 cities around the world, including New York, San Francisco, London, Berlin, and Beijing. At the same time, this function will also come to the map service of iOS. In all fairness, Google Map launched this feature for many cities around the world many years ago, and has a very good user experience in actual use.

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