These days, it only means that the Giants are hurting too.

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Mentioning China's internet giants, we must think of China's internet three mountain (Baidu, Tencent, Ali), but recently it seems to have often said that now is four mountains, 360 of the rise into a new mountain, now on the popular this stubble, want to do, want to make their own famous, must be pulled on a cushion back , and this cushion has to have a certain characteristic, that is, the cushion back must be very strong, and have a certain "hate" basis, how to hate, here is not to say, I believe that everyone is very clear, but also remember the previous few years of the 3Q War, then 360 to the United States listing, it will have to the U.S. capital players prove that they have the strength, So the director of the famous "two election event" then 360 to be listed, now, although many rounds of short, but is strange, the stock price is rubbing against the leap, is now said to have broken through tens of billions, become the so-called internet big company, but then, after all, not everyone is Zhou Red 祎, I remember there were a lot of people who wanted to do the same play, but then failed, which is also well-known is UC and Tencent, UCWeb is emerging small and medium-sized enterprises, and Tencent QQ is the industry giants, the former flagship mobile phone 3G Network Browser, and the latter QQ is a well-known social tool. However, a group of small black Horse and the industry's boss has produced a conflict. UC president You Yongfu publicly sued Tencent, accusing it of using unfair competition in the field of mobile browsers to occupy UC's market share. UC in a variety of helpless, will Tencent sued the court. The more sensitive FU in order to let UC can be listed, also played the same game, but very unexpectedly, this time, we did not like the 3Q War, one-sided support 360, accusing Tencent, on the contrary, we all did not think, the social and the wheel surprisingly stand on the side of Tencent, all think that UC is to repeat the same year's 3Q war, But this time failed, why failed, or that sentence, not everyone can when Zhou Hong 祎, of course, the final UC listed also will not be cicada, such as the case also list, but to say then WTF, the Times to create a hero this sentence really put there is not the past, 3Q World War the Internet environment, Everyone knows, the army is rampant, looking at the one-sided comments, can you believe that it is true that the 3Q war is not happening in the year, but in the recent past, there is absolutely reason to believe that it is another kind of result, but there is no way, it is such an environment, of course, this phenomenon management is also always looking at the heart, Until recently, the phenomenon had grown to a point of purple, so there was a period of time before the Qin fire fire, Li two demolition four, Zhou Lu Bao, network Big v events, management quickly issued a series of measures, Sina Weibo also redefined the rules, the thought that this speculation will be somewhat convergent, But as if we have not accepted the moment, or accustomed to use such techniques to achieve their own purposes, yesterday in a QQ group chat, see the following a content

See this passage, I believe that a lot of people's resentment has been provoked it, how can Baidu shameless to this point,


The answer to the picture above is a clear answer to the question, and it is estimated that the answer will not be as small as this one, I entered the post, rational read the content of the post, in order not to give the opportunity to spread again, here I do not post the map, anyway, the contents of the inside as if it is very reasonable, to the money on the certification, and then restore the snapshot ranking , do not give money on the K station, but I at least now check the situation of the company, found that the snapshot, the rankings are very normal, and the snapshot also has a security alliance logo, should be through the Security Alliance certification, see inside words, then I raised the objection, I repeatedly cross-examine, then the company paid no, The sender refuses to answer, because I am also engaged in optimization work, for a snapshot of the site's rankings, etc. also generally understand that it is not possible to so hasty K station, in exchange for the general station is good to say, suppose, such as industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, such as the impact of the huge site, if it is true like the post said that the , and then the K station, and then the vast number of netizens went to search the fake ICBC website and cheated, that Baidu can not afford such a responsibility. Why use the above paragraph to describe, obviously, let everyone go into the anger, so that the site clicks, to improve the site exposure rate, but I also that link to cover, not to spread the opportunity to know true and false, of course, can not rely on my assertion, to prove that Then I accidentally saw our A5 webmaster network also has such a security alliance logo,


Needless to say, the fact that everything, here I can only say that the management has to increase the internet this kind of illegal disinformation, not to this kind of people shred opportunity, really also a net of pure land. The use of CCTV commentator Yang Yu a word "public order and good customs" need everyone to abide by, Common Guardian!

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