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Don't be fooled by Microsoft's anti-Google ads: Chromebook is clearly not a big, useless piece of plastic. In fact, after years of development, Chrome OS has grown into a fairly mature operating system, not just a web-based browser. In addition to desktop-level browsers and other software improvements, Chromebook provides complete keyboard, mouse, and perimeter port support to achieve a mainstream computer experience.

Of course, to use good Chromebook, still need some time to adapt, after all, the Chrome OS and windows have some differences experience, let's take a look at some Chromebook use tips.

Mouse and keyboard tips

The main difference between Chromebook and PC operation is that it does not support right-click operation, but as long as you use two fingers and click on the bottom of the touchpad, a similar right-click menu pops up, enabling you to copy, turn on new tags, and so on. The Chromebook touchpad also supports double thumb scrolling, which is similar to the Mac by adjusting the pointer speed and turning on the tap function to achieve a better operating experience.

Chromebook can also support USB and Bluetooth mouse, but first need to match to ensure device support, just click on the bottom right corner of the screen, open the Bluetooth panel to operate it. Chromebook also supports keyboard shortcuts, like regular PCs, which support Ctrl-c, V, and X shortcuts. Even better, with ctrl-alt-, you can open an interactive chart that shows all the list of shortcut keys and is very easy to use.

In Chromebook, the system screenshot is also very easy, press CTRL and Switch window button (similar to Windows window key), Will pop-up dialog box, confirmed that the current screen can be saved as a PNG file.

Work offline

Chrome OS is browser-based, so a big drawback is that you have to have a network connection, but Chromebook can also implement some offline applications. For example, Gmail mail programs can be implemented offline, in the Chrome App Store, download gmail offline software can download the mail to the local.

With Google Drive's offline features, you can view, edit, and create documents, tables, and slides by enabling offline functionality in the Google Drive app, and Google calendars can be used offline using the same actions.

Chromebook is basically equipped with more than 16GB of flash memory space, also supports SD card expansion, so you can store certain offline files to the local, but also have similar Windows File Explorer, let you manage local files. There is also a more convenient trick: In the browser options, you can save the Web page as a PDF file, so that you can implement local storage of the Web page.

Google is also continuing to follow the offline features of the Chrome OS, including reading, music, and so on, and believes that the future Chromebook will achieve a better localized application experience.


The Chrome OS supports the Google Cloud printing function, cannot connect directly to the printer through the USB, therefore needs to connect to the Windows and the Mac computer first, configures the cloud printing option, sends and then realizes the printing through the local computer.

Remote access

If certain aspects of Chromebook are limited, we can also connect to Windows, Macs, or Linux computers with remote access capabilities to achieve more functionality. In the Chrome App Store, you can find remote service applications such as Accesstogo, VNC server, or use your own Chrome Remote Desktop application, as well as the ability to connect to other operating systems remotely.

Using Office

Although Chromebook can use Google doc to process documents, it is clear that many users prefer and must use Office, which is not impossible. Log on to Microsoft SkyDrive, you can access the web version of Office, completely free and have better compatibility; Similarly, you can also log on to Apple icloud and use Apple's documentation service.

Chromebook also owns the PIXLR picture editor, which is a very useful picture editing software. Similarly, you can download similar impression notes,, Google hangouts and other applications, to achieve notes, group chat and other application experience. The Chrome App Store also has a wide range of applications that can replace common applications on other operating systems.

Connecting an external monitor

Chromebook can also support external monitors, which connect via standard cables. Different Chromebook with different interface, confirm good cable type, purchase related accessories. In addition, high-end products like Chromebook Pixel also support the wireless connection to the TV mirroring function to achieve a better output experience.

Connecting VPN

Chromebook also supports VPN applications, but it should be noted that only the L2TP standard is supported. In the Setup interface, add a new connection under the Network connection option, and enter the VPN details. Some VPNs may need to import a user certificate, place the certificate file in the Chrome://settings/certificates directory and enter the confirmation.


Although in some ways Chromebook is not as convenient as windows, but because the cost of hardware is very low and can support good scalability, so it is not a worthless cheap product, just a little bit of thinking, you can achieve a better use experience.

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