These workplace decompression methods you need to know!

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Workplace pressure refers to people in the workplace feel stressed too much. This is the most common word we have complained about in the workplace. The modern workplace is like a huge pressure cooker, and everyone in the workplace can feel the stress. Job seekers in Chenzhou are worried about the heavy workload, worry about the collapse of the company, layoffs, pay cuts, complex personnel, too long hours, the direction of work is often changed, the role of vague positions, and so on, these conditions have made us under pressure. Serious people can cause us to have mental problems. The pressure of workplace pressure is a kind of tension which is caused by many factors such as work itself, interpersonal relationship and environmental factors. Although people do not have the pressure to be buoyant, the appropriate pressure can make people full and progressive, but, too much pressure or the tension is too long-lasting will appear anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders, and even psychological diseases.

Workplace people tend to have pressure, especially for the newcomer, a few days ago to find a new job in Chenzhou show that, just into the workplace, work what the fundamental will not follow, every day is very tired, need to work overtime, generally encountered this situation we should do?

First of all, to have a correct understanding of the pressure. Recognize the nature of stress? Recognize the inevitability and necessity of stress. In particular, not only to recognize its negative side, but also to recognize its positive side.

Second, evaluate yourself correctly and accept yourself. Do not position yourself too much in the absence of

Can not, also do not because a little setback to see oneself is useless;

  Change one's own lack of personality

Excessive pursuit of perfection, the work of people on their own very harsh, are caused by the root cause of pain, to learn to always keep a normal heart, do not set goals unattainable, all things, at any time adjust the target is not necessarily weak performance.

  Adjust your mind.

Everything should be understood from the positive side, optimism and pessimism can be said to explain the success and failure of two different ways. Optimists see failure as something that can be changed, so that they can victory and succeed, and pessimists believe that failure is determined by the eternal character of the interior, and they are powerless to do so. These two different views have a direct and profound influence on people's quality of life.

  Improve the ability to adapt to the environment

We are in a competitive modern society, which is a world of survival of the fittest. This environment is certainly a lot of unfair, unreasonable, not adapt, unreasonable, but for the individual, this environment is the fact that cannot change the premise. We can only learn to adapt and adjust ourselves in a timely manner, not to complain about their bad luck or people sparked, these grievances.

  Workplace decompression to know 8 ways

1, Chest

If you are troubled by something, do not be bored in your heart and tell your troubles to your credible, cool-headed people to get relief, support and correction.

2. Laugh heartily

Healthy laughter is the best way to relieve stress and a pleasant way to vent. "Smile, 10 years less", sorrow and pressure naturally and you have no.

3. Listen to Music

Easy music helps to relieve stress. If you know how to play the piano, the guitar or other instruments, you might as well deal with unsettled.

4. Reading books and magazines

Reading can be said to be the simplest, the lowest consumption of easy pastime, not only to relieve stress, but also to increase the knowledge and fun.

5. Re-evaluation

If you do something wrong, think of anyone who is likely to make a mistake, and if it does not, it should be re-evaluation, in order not to go into the dead, continue to work normally.

6. Shouting

Shouting or crying in a secluded place is not shameful, tears can make sad feelings vent, but also to relieve pressure in the body of a method.

7. Kindness

Never grudge (including yourself right) when you are in distress. The price of bitterness in the heart is to make your emotions tense and punish yourself with others ' mistakes.

8. Don't be picky

Do not expect too much of others, should see the merits of others, should not be too picky about other people's behavior. The world is not perfect, may lack of justice, so to tell themselves: I have tried, can best, not good is not my fault.

In the search for jobs in Chenzhou , we must remember the above mechanical and electrical decompression methods, we can work happily.

These workplace decompression methods you need to know!

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