Things you don't need to care about before the age of 30

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I have read it many times, but after a while, I will pick it up again and have a new feeling.

Give up --- the opposite is to give up. If you choose an opportunity, you will give up all other possibilities.

Lovelorn-if love is only a process, it is exactly what this age should have experienced.

Wandering --- wandering is not an unfortunate thing, but a qualification. While there is no room drag, while the health of the body, when do not drift?

Fashion --- do not catch up with fashion. Independent thinking and personalized life are more important.

Rating-the last sacrifice we should make is to change ourselves because of others' comments. Do not just follow the rules to do things, but the rules are still being created, it may be troublesome to do everything according to your own judgment.

Childish-don't be afraid of being childish. It means you are still young and energetic. "Maturity" is a scary word and a harmful word. No one will say they are childish.

Failure: A person must lose his or her affection at least once, fail in his or her career, and make a mistake in his or her choice before he or she can grow up. The sooner the failure comes, the better. If you fail again after the age of 30 or 40, some things may be too late.

Superficial-in fact, it only means that your nerves are still very keen and you will respond quickly to even a very weak stimulus. When you feel dull, people will say you are deep.

Frustrated: cares too much about the feeling of being frustrated, not teasing yourself by fate, or punishing yourself by others' mistakes.

Salary-before the age of 30, opportunities are far more important than money, career is far more important than money, and future is far more important than money. The primary goal of a career before the age of 30 is not to earn money, but to earn the future.


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