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Complaints are useless and resentful. If you have a high eye and a low hand, you will find your own way to death. It is difficult to see the reality. It is more difficult to work hard without complaining. Find a time, think about what you really want, and then work hard without hesitation.

It is an embarrassing situation, but it is a situation of many people. All people in the world are distributed in an olive shape. Most people are stuck in an olive big belly and live a dull life, envy one end, and sympathize with the other end.

For many college graduates, their lives are stuck. After a few years of college life, they have not left them with various certificates, various offer, long internships on their resumes, or Graduate Admission Notices from foreign universities. Four years later, except for a non-211 non-985 graduation certificate, nothing.

In addition to the stream or the stream.

The surrounding environment may slowly drop your will, be forced to reality, and be forced to be lazy. However, CJ said, we are not as old as the hero of old boy, it can also be closer to the ideal.

A few years ago, I bought a recent ticket with my friend to visit Dalian, because he said he did not know what kind of life he was thinking, and he could not focus on things. He is specialized in ship and ocean engineering, so he wants to see the shipyard, the sea, and then think about his life status. In fact, most of us are like this. When I often feel lost, I finally find that life is getting stuck because you don't know what you want.

I also spent a long time searching for what I wanted. A year ago, I told myself that what I wanted was freedom, understanding, and peace.

Freedom is personal freedom and material freedom. Although not rich and expensive, there is basically no material shortage.But in the past, my parents gave it to me. Now I have to rely on myself. I just thought that when I have something that I really want and deserve, I will not be afraid of money; when I love someone who has something that I really want, I don't have to look forward to them; I don't have to worry about buying a recent ticket when I want to go somewhere, like the beach, like going home.

I also know that I have a certain material desire. I can't keep a small lake and think about my life as much as I did by myself, so I want to make money and enjoy enough money for my life, so I have to work hard to find a job that I love and can improve myself.

Understanding: as people say, the more you grow up, the more lonely you are, and sometimes it is a luxury.When my parents are old, they have their own restrictions. Many things tell them that they can only worry about them, so the children outside are happy and don't report any worries. I need a person or a few people who can see the tears in my heart when I smile, or smile and say "come on" to me when I make decisions that others seem unconventional. Fortunately, I have friends, various friends, and a man who wants to spoil me.

The so-called peace of mind means that when I pursue the life I want, I can not humble, lose, while looking.

When I was a bachelor, I had a very good student. She had been studying abroad since her freshman year. So she spent three years completing all her courses. Now she is reading media at a prestigious American school; my friend amang showed me his plan when I was a freshman. He said that he finally wanted to migrate. Later, I watched him step by step and was hit again and again, but once and again, I finally went to my phd today. I got married after my graduation, and Nankai's graduation certificate became their best dowry, so I went through a carefree life; you can also start your own business and live a busy but full life. What these people have in common is the pursuit of life, which supports them to pass through all kinds of speech and bitterness.

If you do not know what you want, you may complain that I do not have such good family conditions to support my going abroad. I am not so beautiful that I will marry a rich generation. Sometimes I complain that I once accompanied him. The receptionist was a big party officer. When I was a child, he traveled to the United States and liked Stanford very much. He wanted to go to Stanford, but he scored very well, therefore, the Chinese side is so delicious that they hope that the visiting American education officials can write letters of recommendation to their children.

After that, I wrote a letter to my friend, saying: If I had been to the United States before I went to college, I knew the world outside. If my parents did not hesitate to help me, I have the ability to help me. maybe today I am sitting on Stanford campus and writing these words with you.

I was a classmate in high school. To tell the truth, I didn't like him very much at that time, because I thought he was very selfish, but one day I heard him say to him, "I am different from you, if I fail to take the test, my family will not be able to help me, so I only want to learn to change my fate.

Complaints are useless and resentful. If you have a high eye and a low hand, you will find your own way to death. It is difficult to see the reality. It is more difficult to work hard without complaining.

Someone once told me that it is up to you to decide the dignity of life. Those famous cars may not necessarily have the wealth to walk, because the former may practice its own life, let it be as easy as the sand to wave away, but the latter may know where they want to go, they are as slow and firm as the root of the soil, A little closer to your goals.

Some people say that they have read my logs like chicken blood, because many people have seen the status they want on me, but I am not suitable for everyone, every person who writes a letter saying that he is confused and asks me how to do it, I will tell them to find a time and think carefully about what they want, and then work hard without hesitation. There is a saying that a lot of things can be seen not by looking at Hope, but by trying hard.

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