Think like a layman, practice like an expert

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Because of the continuous busyness of some time ago, I finally got exhausted. For many days, I went back to the dormitory at night and lay down on Ling's bed. The only hope was to go to bed right away. I didn't even want to take a bath.

People always have limits. Therefore, when you work at work, you should take a rest and never overestimate yourself. Exhausted, not worth the candle.

So I put myself on a big holiday the day before, and spent a day wandering in Hunan Road, I went to the military to find books.

"Think like a layman and practice like an expert", he wrote "recommended by the president of Microsoft Asia Research Institute", which attracted me not to recommend anyone, although this affects to some extent whether I will pick up this book, and its title is more attractive, isn't it? Later I read this book, Jin outong, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, managing and nurturing the world's largest Robotics Institute.

He said that he often thought about a certain topic. For example, they studied VR with the "let's watch the NBA on the court ".

"Papers and those who want to convince peopleArticleIs a reasoning novel"

"Improve your ideas in communicating with others"

"Smart physical strength refers to the ability to continuously think about the same problem for a long time, or to think about the same problem from all aspects without getting bored"

There are also many comparisons between Japanese students and American students. Many of them are of great reference value to Chinese students!

A good book!

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