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Written in front: one of my predecessors told me that technology is never the most important, a designer who does not understand the market will always be a manual worker.
In any case, art or technology for art or technology in this era is doomed to a wall, I think.
Thinking about website construction from the angle of market (1) Detail winning

A survey published in May 2002 by a British research institute showed that many large companies in the UK have spent millions of pounds on the construction and maintenance of corporate websites, but there are few really useful sites, and the money spent is almost wasted. In fact, this situation in China is also very common, it is no exaggeration to say that more than 95% of the corporate web site usually does not play a large role. So we can often see some
For the Enterprise website "diagnose" the article lists the enterprise "the crime", for instance the website design is simple, the long-term has not updated, the website lacks the effective promotion and so on, the actual situation is not limited to these superficial problems obviously.

If in-depth analysis, it is easy to find that many sites in some seemingly obscure small problems often exposed their unprofessional shortcomings, these problems may not look serious, or even insignificant, but practical experience shows that the overall function of the site is almost the case, The details are often a key factor in determining whether a Web site is really effective.

Little things, big problems.

A small mistake on the website may cause serious economic losses, even cause unnecessary legal disputes, do not think it is sensational, this kind of thing has appeared in some well-known enterprises. According to reports, in December 2001, before Christmas, Dell Computer company on its own website, the price of the product was mistakenly posted, A normal price of 229 U.S. dollars of speakers were labeled 24.95 U.S. dollars, and changed the information on the website for nearly one weeks, due to a large number of orders, order number once exceeded the number of inventory and forced to cancel some of the orders. Dell has had to ship some of its customers at the wrong price, and the cancelled order has received a 10% discount on the software and peripherals available for purchase.

If, say, like Dell, because of the site on the error of text entry caused serious consequences is only accidental phenomenon, so many "daily trivial" in fact, seriously affect the ultimate effect of the site. This "trivial" a lot, we may wish to look at in many enterprises are essential information-"contact method" in the misunderstanding.

£ (1) "Contact Way" should not be staged Kongchengji

The commonly used contact methods include address, telephone, email, etc., you may ask, such a simple question, published on the website not on the line? Yes, it is so simple, but there are many enterprises think simple, but did not give enough attention, resulting in a lot of problems. We can often see the "Contact Us" menu on some sites, click to find a form such as "mailto:webmaster@****.com" email link, want to find the company address and service phone? No, probably want the user to send an email to inquire? If this happens in a personal
The homepage is not surprising, but as a formal enterprise, how will users associate it? Does the enterprise have no formal office space or telephone because it has been terminated for a fee? Or is it simply an illegal website, so it's not daring to publish your address or phone? It is such a simple question, how can we let the user generate trust? Even if you do not think so much, practical experience shows that the letter sent to webmaster is often not timely response, many companies do not even reply to the user's e-mail, it can be imagined that the company's Web site just published such a contact can have much meaning.

(2) Online form is defective

We have further analysis of this, we can find that some of the corporate web site despite the publication of a variety of contact methods, but there are still many problems, in order to contact online, according to the author for many years for a large number of corporate web site analysis and observation, There are usually two main manifestations: one is to publish the contact email of the enterprise on the Web page, the user sends the question to the enterprise related person by e-mail, the other is to use the browser interface to let the user fill in the formatted online form. In addition, there are some non-mainstream forms of online contact, such as forums, guest books, real-time information, etc., we do not do detailed analysis. From the functional point of view, online forms and e-mail These two commonly used online contact methods can achieve the purpose of user communication, but in terms of effect there is a big difference.

Online form is the user to fill out their own contact information and problems through the browser interface, and then submit online to the site, by the appropriate management staff, and because the form can be set in advance a number of formatted content, such as contact name, unit, address, problem category, etc. Information submitted via online forms is easier to categorize than regular e-mail, and is therefore popular with some websites. Although on the surface, the role of online forms and email is not much different from the same, can achieve the purpose of transmitting information, but if mishandled, online forms may have a large potential problem.

First of all, because online forms limit the user's personalized requirements, some information may not be normal expression, and secondly, when the form submitted successfully, users do not know where the information is submitted, how long it will be able to get a reply, and they can not keep a copy of the message, not easy to query later. Therefore, sometimes the use of online forms to contact the way will create mistrust. In addition, the customer filled in the contact email address also has the possibility of error, so will not be able to reply to users by email questions, and even cause users dissatisfaction.

So, is not that online form is not suitable for online contact use it? Of course not, the key is whether to really stand in the user's perspective to consider. In fact, as long as some details are considered more thoughtful, the situation will be very different, for example, in the Contact Information Form page at the same time give other contacts, such as e-mail address, telephone number, and give a service commitment, how long after the submission of the user to reply to the question, It is also necessary to remind users to keep copies of their own in other ways on the issue of consultation. If you add these details to deal with, I believe that users will feel that they are highly valued, can greatly increase the trust of the enterprise, there will be more information willing and business exchanges, and therefore also to a certain extent to enhance customer relations.

If the user uses the email way to contact the enterprise, the reply process of the enterprise responsible person may be slightly troublesome, because the question is not sorted beforehand, the content of the individuality is more, sometimes it is not even easy to judge the person that should be transferred to that part to handle, but to the user will have a certain degree of security, Because he "knows" his e-mail sent to who, can also be sent by the e-mail backup to check their contact records, so by email contact is widely used. But even if an enterprise publishes an e-mail address on its website, in depth, there are many problems, there are some enterprises to use the form of free mailbox, and some sites for the pursuit of visual beauty, the contact information in the form of pictures to express, these seemingly obscure problems, the same will affect the corporate image and user trust.

£ (3) Free mailbox Problem more

The use of free mailbox as a commercial application, not only affect the corporate image, and even greater loss. We can often see some small business site left free email address, may be accustomed to, even in many business executives business card, advertising, corporate promotional materials, and other occasions also appear free mailbox. From the functional, regardless of the free mailbox, or the enterprise's dedicated mailbox can play the role of information transmission, but the free mailbox has a lot of defects, even if not to consider the technical factors and the limitations of the service providers, even in the normal use of the situation sometimes will have serious consequences, such as a more invisible problem, has not aroused enough attention, that is the confidentiality of the free mailbox. Free mailbox service providers usually have a lot of users, the same domain name under the more close to the user name, such as and , or and is easy to confuse, a little attention, if you write the wrong recipient, it could lead to leaks. If you use the enterprise's own mailbox, the likelihood of such a thing happening will be greatly reduced.

(4) Picture format will be a delay

If the contact information and so on with the picture form to deal with it? We know that email address can be set up a "mailto:" link, the user clicks on the link can be directly pop-up system default email send program, for the convenience of contact, even if not immediately send mail, Email addresses in the form of text can also be easily copied to your address book or Notepad, when needed. If you make the e-mail address as a picture, the user will not be able to directly click or copy the e-mail address, in order to send e-mail to the company, have to manually put the e-mail address a character Fu a word to re-enter once, really artificially create trouble! Perhaps the user had already been impatient to go away, and if so lost
An important client, is it a pity? What's more, some sites for the pursuit of gorgeous effect, only when the mouse moved to the "contact" icon to show contact information, once removed the mouse, all the information has disappeared!

(5) Timely response to customers more important

Only the correct contact method is also far from enough, in addition to the website design and application should attach importance to the integrity and effectiveness of contact information, timely user/potential users of the email consultation is also very important, even if the site left a detailed contact method, If you do not respond to the customer's expected time or do not respond at all, the results may have a greater negative impact on the company.

A study by Jupiter Media Metrix, an internationally renowned research firm, showed that customers ' response time to email advice has been shrinking in the last three years, from 24 hours to 12 hours, and most recently, most customers want to be asked about customer service within 6 hours. Even a large number of customers are looking for immediate satisfaction with the service. But at present can do this business is not many, and mainly concentrated in the online retail, financial services and other fields, the traditional corporate web site can be in the customer's expected time to give back, the overall average of only 38% of the surveyed enterprises can reply within 6 hours, 33% Companies respond to emails from users for days or even longer, and some don't even give them a reply at all. More than half of the online retailers in the performance of the online retailer can meet the user's expectations, by contrast, because the user application of the Internet is more and more extensive, the traditional enterprise website services naturally difficult to be satisfied.

Like contact way so simple problem many enterprises are making different degrees of error, including many large enterprises and well-known enterprises, and this has the same important small details of the problem there are many, such as the reliability of the website information, Web page title of the normative, product/service Description of the integrity, to respond to the timeliness of customer inquiries and so on, Every detail problem is handled improperly, will affect to a certain extent the final effect of the enterprise website.


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Thinking about website construction from the angle of market (2) Website Construction plan

The advantages of the company's construction station
Traditional company and customer exchange, and the transmission of information mainly rely on letters, telephones, faxes and other media, the speed of communication is very slow, and the transmission of information is also limited. Although the telephone speed is fast, but the transmission of information is not comprehensive, not meticulous enough, not really. Faxes can quickly deliver text and some simple picture information. But the product of the physical understanding is still not detailed enough. Of course, customers can directly to understand the company and products such as information. But if the customer is far away from the merchant, the trick will be ineffective. Now with the network, a company as long as the establishment of their own website, many things will become very efficient and convenient.
The advantages of the company's Web site can be summed up to four words: "Fast, many, real, province." Fast, refers to the speed of information transmission. The establishment of the site so that customers at the first click on the mouse can get the relevant information, customer feedback is also immediately able to pass to the company. More, refers to the amount of information. A website can have dozens of pages or more. Customers can get all the information about the company in detail. Reality is reality, reality. Companies can use a number of software, such as three-dimensional animation software, product production is quite dynamic, lifelike, just like to see the product in kind. The province is save money, saves time. Customers can get all the information about the company as long as they spend the money and time on the Internet. To achieve efficiency, save money for the purpose. And the company can communicate directly with customers without face-to-face.
In addition, the company through the design of a unique logo (logo), unique website style, unique color scheme and so on, so that domestic and even foreign businessmen or customers understand the company, thereby publicizing the company's image, company products, the company's services ... In addition, the company can place the banner in the site's prominent position, or on other sites, so that more users to browse the company's Web site.

Website planning
The success of a website is very important to the website planning before the site is built. In the establishment of the site should be clear the purpose of building the site, determine the function of the site, determine the size of the site, input costs, to carry out the necessary market analysis. Only detailed planning, in order to avoid the site in the construction of a lot of problems, so that website construction can proceed smoothly.
Web site planning refers to the site before the construction of the market analysis, determine the purpose and function of the site, and according to the needs of the site construction technology, content, cost, testing, maintenance and so on to make plans. Website planning plays a role in the planning and guidance of website construction, and plays a role in positioning the content and maintenance of the website.
◇ Market Analysis
Information industry is the pillar industry in the era of knowledge economy. The production process of information products is based on traditional industries, adopting more advanced communication technology, devoting more knowledge, wisdom and experience, minimizing the time and space cycle between production and consumption, thus greatly changing people's production and life style, promoting the company to improve the management and improve the competitive strength, So as to promote the continuous development of social economy and civilized progress.
In recent years, the information industry is riders the world new economy with astonishing speed. To provide information, management consulting services-oriented domestic consulting companies are also growing rapidly, become the company to create wealth "Exobrain", and by the general attention of the economic circles.
It should be said that we are the production of information products, development and services established as one of the company's basic industries, in order to adapt to the 21st century knowledge-based economy development trend. The most obvious feature of this industry is that it is efficient and fast, and therefore our services should strive to meet this requirement. From the current situation of the company's development, the products have mostly been formed, with the ability to carry out business on the Internet.
"Know each other, win", before building a station, we should understand the industry's most powerful opponents of the situation ....

◇ Construction Station target
The construction company website, may establish the company's image, establishes the leading industry strategic superiority. The use of advanced communication and expansion means to increase the number of users of the company. Establish a unified data sending and receiving system, enhance security, stability, timeliness, to ensure the interests of customers. Greatly improve the speed of business communications, expanding the function of the channel. Narrow the distance between the company and the customer, enhance the relationship with the customer. The company's Web site makes it easy for both parties to learn the latest data, while electronic data interchange means that cooperation between companies has been strengthened. Improve the quality of service, and in a fast and convenient way to provide information about the company and its products and customer services required. Maximize the utilization and sharing of resources, improve work efficiency and save working time. Provide a mutual exchange of sales channels, we can get a variety of timely feedback information, improve their own work. It can provide 24 hours of service throughout the day. The main purpose of the company's website operation is summarized as follows:
First, establish the company's image, expand business promotion.
Including the company's overall introduction, such as company size, company structure, company products, corporate culture, corporate philosophy, business purposes, business objectives, values, vision planning, the company has been awarded the honor, the company is now in the study of some new products, the company's future development trend, The company's products or services have a distinctive characteristics and market positioning and so on. In addition, some companies can be attached to quality services and so on. Company information not only contains text materials, but also contains some picture information, such as company Building pictures, company staff Pictures, especially the company's product pictures and so on, so that the company more realistic, more convincing to show in front of customers. As far as possible to enable customers to understand the company more comprehensive, more detailed.
Second, collect customer feedback, strengthen customer service.
Through the company's website, can establish a unified data transmission and receiving system, enhance security, stability, timeliness, to ensure the interests of customers. Improve the quality of service, and in a fast and convenient way to provide information about the company and its products and customer services required. The use of advanced communication and expansion means to increase the number of users of the company. Greatly improve the speed of business communications, expanding the function of the channel. Narrow the distance between the company and the customer, enhance the relationship with the customer. The company can serve our customers all-weather 24 hours, and our customers to maintain after-sale contact, listen to customer comments, to answer customer frequently asked questions, and timely receipt of all kinds of customer feedback information, early detection of problems, to solve problems.
Third, the on-line market research, carries out the network marketing.
Shorten the cycle of new products and open the market through the website Aunt Company's product sales activities, the greatest extent to meet customer demand in order to reach the market and increase profitability. The company will own product information and distributor information published on the Web site, each customer can apply to join the company's sales network, can also directly through the website order system to the company under the sales orders, the company received the order to confirm it, and then provide customers with information. The main content of network marketing is: 1, product information: The company's sales of information on the site to promote the introduction, and according to product structure classification, in order to facilitate customer access to purchase. 2, Customer information: mainly for the collection and management of sales customers related information, easy to customer referrals and follow-up to promote the company's sales activities. 3, Sales orders: To achieve the company and customer sales orders online submission and management. 4, distributor information: The company sales office and the main distributors of the telephone, address, fax, business person name, area of responsibility or product projects posted on the website to promote sales.
Establish information database and implement e-commerce.
The establishment of the company's complete information database, an internal, an external. Internally, within the company to maximize the use and sharing of information resources, to carry out the preservation of information, search, view, reuse, etc. externally, so that customers as much as possible to understand the nature of the company and business characteristics, classification of information to facilitate customer search and view. In addition, visitors through the website to understand the company's information, if there is the intention to subscribe to online submission of information orders, managers can be based on the conditions to view, retrieve, manage orders, and feedback to the marketing department, timely and make orders to contact customers to achieve simple e-commerce.


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Thinking about the website construction from the market angle (3) How does the enterprise boss use the Internet?

The basic function of the website is summed up from three aspects: supply, demand and combination. As a personal speaking, I fully agree with this direction of website construction. Should go in this direction. But for a company, how to operate is a key point. Here is my personal opinion.

First of all, the site's most basic role is equivalent to a company in the network of a business card, he wants to provide information to the network, that is, the company set up the site's original purpose? A business card it can contain content is the name, address, contact telephone, fax, e-mail, corporate image and so on. So the role of the company's Web site is first to let people who want to find you, so the site as much as possible contains a description of the nature of the company or product nature of the text, the text requirements have universal significance. So when people are looking, the site is easily connected. This business card company is not necessarily on its own website, business cards are not for a person, can be published in other pages of some small information to complete, but the information must have to let others find their own way.

Second, after letting someone find you, another important feature of the company's Web site is the need to play a role: publicity. What does your website want to say to everyone? Or take a more proactive approach: what do you want everyone to do? Or do you lead people to do something? The content of this aspect is more purposeful for the company. In this respect, we prefer the combination of graphics and text to see your company introduction, this is the problem of Web creation. There are products or services that are advertised here, as well as items you are looking for.

The main purpose of the establishment of the Enterprise website is: to communicate with the old customers more conveniently, even to carry on the electronic commerce; Let the new customer know you, at least can download the company's relevant information


The keyboard knocks out is the art, the text flows is the note, ripples in the heart, is the sentiment

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Thinking about the construction of website from the angle of market (4): the preparatory work before building the enterprise website
The internet is not a fully fledged business, not to mention the lively. com companies and E-commerce hot, there are many individuals and have been accustomed to use the Internet to search for information, communication and communication, there are many enterprises have tried or carried out e-commerce activities. The significance of the Internet in enterprises here do not want too much discussion, this article is mainly to discuss the enterprise in the construction of the site should be prepared before the work, is how to according to the needs of the company's website planning, positioning and other aspects of the preparatory work.
Corporate web site generally refers to the enterprise's own product services, such as the main content and service objects of the site, according to different needs, the site's function will be very different, and some are purely publishing company information, and some also carry out online orders and other business activities, But basically for the enterprise itself service and different from the. COM company website and E-commerce site.

I. The purpose of establishing the station clearly
The purpose of building a website will have a decisive effect on the planning and implementation of the website, so we should pay attention to it before building the website. The main purpose of the general Enterprise Construction Station is:
1, the release of enterprise products, service information
2, the introduction of enterprise history, brilliant achievements
3, collect customer feedback
4. Online market Research
5. Develop Network Marketing
6. Online customer Service
7, the gradual implementation of E-commerce and so on

The author thinks that the enterprise should first take the marketing as the basic goal. Compared with traditional media, the marketing function of the website has obvious time, region, interaction and cost advantage, the main purpose of the website publishing products and service information is marketing propaganda. The website's customer service function has many enterprises not to attach much importance to, the author is paying attention to this aspect role in the Enterprise construction website, because the service has already had the customer to the enterprise is very important work, uses the website to be able to save a lot of time and expense, simultaneously can make the quick response to the To correctly understand the role of the site, do not underestimate the construction of the site, to avoid to cope with the internet and "Boss-type" site.
As the internet becomes more and more important, the universal application of this tool will promote the implementation of online transactions and E-commerce, so the scalability of E-commerce should be considered when conditions permit.

Second, the establishment of Web site construction plan
Most of the enterprises lack of planning, the plan is mainly to arrange and coordinate the relevant departments of the enterprise to build the site, the site is not a person or a department of things. The business should be responsible for the various departments of the affairs of the overall arrangement, the main contents of the plan include: the time arrangement of the website construction, the collection and collation of the content, the function of the website according to the purpose of the construction station, the web design is made by the enterprise or commissioned, the website test release, the website promotion, the expense budget and so on.

Third, enterprise resource integration
To avoid the "site stereotyped" type of site content: Leadership speech, company profile, business scope, such as very simple information. The less the amount of information the site can play the smaller the role, so the site content to be as rich as possible, it is best to integrate the resources of the enterprise analysis, for the needs and market conditions for the content of the collation. The author has encountered a business is not willing to own the latest products online, mainly for fear of others imitation and plagiarism, in fact, if your product can play a leading role in the market, you should be confident that they can continue to surpass the present. Also has the enterprise does not know how arranges the website content, the enterprise may take the website as a salesman, in facing the customer what should he say? What content is persuasive to customers?

Four, the website construction method
is the building or commissioned a professional production company agent production. Because of the conditions, the construction of small and medium-sized websites generally choose to entrust professional firms to produce, so you can save the recruitment of professional web design and production staff costs. But in the choice of agent companies to carefully investigate, after all, web design is a more professional thing, to as much as possible to understand the agency's design and production capacity and credibility. It is to be noted that:
1. Domain Name Registration
Domain name can be said to be an enterprise's "online trademark", so the choice of domain name to be compatible with the registered trademarks, so that easy to remember. In the domain name registration should also note that there are many domain name registrars in the registration of international domain names, the domain name management contacts and other items into their own company information, then the domain name is not actually for you.
2. Virtual Host
Virtual host is the storage space of the Web page, the advantages and disadvantages of the virtual host directly affect the speed of the Web site access, do not use too cheap host, space appropriate, the main inspection standards are bandwidth, host configuration, CGI permissions, databases, services and technical support.
3. Web Design (program development)
Web design and the company's corporate image recognition (VI) in line with, mainly according to the purpose and function of the construction site, plan what kind of style, need to install procedures, such as forums, community, message thin (feedback form).

V. Official website Planning book
In the above work should be completed after the formal web site planning book, Web site planning can ensure the smooth construction of the site, as the site construction management supervision of the reference, at the same time can be submitted to the professional production company to guide the design of the website. How to write can refer to the author's "website Planning book writing" article.

Now the quality of corporate websites in China is generally not too high, many Web site content is simple, long time does not update. And in the site construction of many enterprises do not pay attention to the preparation of the station before, the results of the site has always been dissatisfied with the local changes, which will cost a lot of manpower and capital. It is suggested that enterprises should pay full attention to the construction of website before building the website. Website is not only "online image project", from the site can also reflect the company's work style, and more importantly, after the site is completed to make full use of the Web site for online marketing, to a greater extent to play the role of the site.


The keyboard knocks out is the art, the text flows is the note, ripples in the heart, is the sentiment

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Thinking about the construction of website from the angle of market (5): Building a good portal and saying business

Business portals can be said to be the first step towards e-business. For a large number of CIOs, this step does not seem to be difficult. But a recent domestic survey shows that 70% of the corporate web pages accumulated less than 10,000 visitors, about half of the corporate web site visits less than 5000 people. What's the problem?

Over the past decade, portals are being displayed as a standard user interface, and companies are gradually completing almost all of their business through portals. The great attraction of portals is manifested in its ability to simplify the access business of relevant information, it also protects against information overload-which is especially important for CIOs under great pressure because they are facing a huge pressure: As system complexity grows and it budgets decrease, Provide immediate business-friendly information to the enterprise.

Intranet and portal sites help users find better ways to do their jobs, and when users visit websites and databases to collect the information and tools they need, they are trying to ease the frustration and inconvenience of their users. Using the portal site, users can quickly find the information they need, thereby reducing the time spent browsing irrelevant data.

A study by the Meta Group on portal sites for 85 companies showed that 80 companies received positive returns on investment (ROI), with 36% earning an average return on investment. We can find many popular portals from the application in recent years. DuPont is expected to save 66 million of billions of dollars from the first phase of its portal, which serves 550 people in the sales and marketing sectors. The Bay Network company, affiliated to Nortel, has spent 3 million of billions of dollars on its most advanced internal network, saying it will save $10 million a year for faster information searches. Also, Hewitt Associates, after implementing the Enterprise Portal, will save $8 million a year, and the rate of response to customer requests (requests for valuable information) is 75% higher than before.

Is the simple door reliable?

It doesn't seem to be a very complicated business to build a portal site, and generally it doesn't take much to buy a point-solution based portal, and these applications are relatively easy to implement. But these superficial advantages may lead to some big problems.

In a portal based on a single point of solution, some methods are used to simplify information access for a department or special user group. However, these methods may lead to increased content management complexity and increased IT spending, thus reducing the quality of information across the enterprise. Because these portals are departmental development-level solutions, some business unit departments often create sites without the guidance of any company. Although this makes the site can be implemented quickly, but the price paid is: dispersed or even undermine the decision-making and security of the company, so that it expenditure is spiraling, the quality of the content has a negative impact, and then diluted the brand image.

Unnecessary expenses.

The Enterprise Information portal (EIP) can whitewash and even encourage the reproduction of the company's Web site, because it simply covers a veneer of appearance on several information-receiving sites or adds a shell to the business application software. This is a costly issue--every new site adds to the system's cost and maintenance costs--a survey by Gartner shows that the cost of each full trading site has increased to $1 million a year.

Security issues

In an enterprise, when it is required to manage and support multiple site sites, portal sites based on a single point of solution can cause excessive tension in enterprise-related systems, resulting in severe inefficiencies. As a result, while the new portal may benefit a sector, it is bound to cause problems for the entire company. Some business unit units may unwittingly violate the enterprise's security standards, thereby publishing information that the enterprise does not want to disclose on the portal.

Content quality Down

Enterprise information portals and too many Web sites can also threaten the quality of content. When information is stored in disparate, decentralized systems, the content is easily outdated or inconsistent, and it is difficult for users to know which is the latest information, and which is the system's archived information. Although some portals can be directly linked to other information systems to provide the latest content, only a handful of excellent websites can do this because it costs dearly to integrate numerous sites and all the potentially valuable information systems.

Brand image

When there is a problem with the consistency of the content, the brand image is also threatened. Especially in the area of customer portals and partner portals, as more people create content in their own way, the weakening of the brand image will become a serious problem, because the so-called own way is not to take into account the overall strategy of the enterprise, external propaganda caliber, style and tone. When customers and partners have to visit multiple sites in order to complete various aspects of the business relationship, they tend to feel frustrated and have to face different styles of interface at every stage, which obviously increases their annoyance. More ironically, the application of a customer relationship management (CRM) system may provide a single customer interface, but the interface is only for staff within the enterprise, not for customers.

How to build a new portal?

In addition to the above problems, there are many reasons for the portal crisis. Before a large company implements the enterprise business Portal, the development phase we often find that hundreds of global web sites are being developed, but the content created by one site is often duplicated by other sites; Enterprises are generally focused on building static HTML (Hypertext link Identification language) pages, focusing on applications and products, Rather than customers, there are inconsistent Internet information, even among non localized sites, and lack of standard corporate classifications ... All of these, can not adapt to the needs of business activities.

How do you solve all of these problems? The market environment is ready to meet a new generation of portals: a portal that not only covers the existing applications and sites, but also replaces proliferating sites, so that they no longer exist as individual individuals; portals can serve not only customers, but also centralized decision generation and corporate governance. This is the enterprise business Portal.

Enterprise Business Portal is a personalized self-service application, in a unified and collaborative way to its users (employees, partners, customers and suppliers) to provide enterprise information, resources and business processes, it can be said that the enterprise business Portal has given the business information assets new value.

Cut spending

Corporate Business Portal Reduce the number of sites to help companies regain control of the site, improve content quality, maintain brand and cross-site information consistency. At the same time because of saving a lot of Web site maintenance costs, corporate business portal also reduces the enterprise's IT spending. The Enterprise business Portal, in addition to the hardware, database and middleware (to ensure that the site operations required) the actual savings, such enterprises can easily achieve the savings of 30% of Web site management and development costs.

Information communication hinders no longer

The enterprise business Portal addresses not only the inherent problems of portal sites based on a single point of solution, but also adds new value-it opens the door to collaborative work across the enterprise, generating a rich backend system and database under a common interface, These backend systems and databases combine structured and unstructured information with the company's knowledge base and internal exchange transactions to incorporate structured and unstructured information. Enterprise business portals provide a single point of access to other Web sites, as well as personalized, targeted information, resources, and business processes. Partners, suppliers, customers, and employees can quickly find the information they need without experiencing an overload of information, enabling them to work together across a wide range of enterprises.

Efficient process

The corporate business portal used by the company applies not only to B2E (Enterprise to employee), but also to Business-to-business (Enterprise-Enterprise), consumer (Enterprise to customer) information, processes and transactions. An enterprise business Portal is a complete and perfect communication organization for customers (consumers or commercial buyers), suppliers, partners and employees. For all of these users, the enterprise business Portal enhances productivity and improves service to customers and partners by providing a consistent user experience so that users do not receive conflicting and outdated content.

The Enterprise Business Portal encourages different users to work together for a common purpose, forming a group between internal and external staff working on common tasks. Because the enterprise business Portal supports workflows, all users can work together efficiently to accomplish a task. Self-service functionality helps users quickly process information and make decisions more sophisticated. Enterprises can use these portals, so that the user's knowledge and skills to fully leverage, the individual knowledge into a valuable enterprise intellectual property.

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