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With the downturn in the SEO industry, more and more individuals and businesses are starting to do bidding, search marketing advertising and traditional display ads, TV ads, the way different, the traditional focus on the open, how many people see and hear, and search marketing is more concerned about the changes in data, and according to the changes in data to regulate, To optimize to achieve the desired effect. Below, Xu Guoxiang based on their own experience, that the SEM account optimization should focus on the following three aspects:

 First, the establishment of a complete data tracking

SEM advertising is more focused on ROI (return on investment), the difficulty of optimization than other forms of advertising is higher, so the data is essential. At present, a lot of friends feel that the data is difficult to optimize, because a lot of data we do not, compared to the early goal of the keyword, the late delivery effect of key data, we can not get, only by feeling and experience to optimize.

At present, many enterprises only use simple statistical tools for monitoring data, metaphor: Cnzz,51la and so on. These simple statistical tools only know the flow of each channel, and do not know the ROI of each channel. Recommended use of Baidu statistical estimates and Google GA statistics. These 2 tools have the ability to analyze, Baidu statistics may support their own better, but GA statistics more practical, not only to support the full network of traffic query can also be seen from the GA site users of the behavior of interest, location and other information, through these we can easily adjust their direction of delivery.

 Second, timely attention to the various SEM platform changes

Each SEM platform will be with the Internet and the development of users, to be targeted to update the function of the product. In the optimization of the account, we need to use the new function of the product in time to improve the effect of the account.

For example: Baidu Search recently launched a Smart Account optimization tool, such as the following


We can adjust our account according to each tool, of course, a lot of us just to do a reference, not to say how the tool said how, analogy to explore the source of the optimization bid, in fact, many of the keywords in it, you have been ranked first, but the show still needs you to optimize the bid, This will lead to an increase in the amount of their own consumption, if many people do so, will lead to the whole industry's key words prices rose a lot.

 Three, pay more attention to the principle of some SEM core index

Many friends in doing SEM, too concerned about an indicator or a number of indicators, metaphor, tangled in a word or a few words of quality. In fact, the impact of quality factors are many, and the quality of the optimization is a long-term work, need to improve a lot of content, many times you have to take over the account has been determined, think big adjustment is difficult, as we SEM extension personnel, can own independent improvement of content have?

Nothing more than: 1, keyword and creative relevance; 2, keyword and user search word relevance; 3, creative red and attractive, other factors can be coordinated to solve, but they can not fully control. We all know that quality will ultimately affect the click Price, we should focus on the overall account optimization, not one or several keywords quality. Of course, not to say not to pay attention to quality, Xu Guoxiang just want to say, first do the basic work, metaphor good account construction, divided the Unit series and unit group, each unit group of fewer keywords and type is similar, this is the key. These are done well, the quality of nature will not be poor to where. Of course, when we can't do big adjustment, we should focus on those words with high consumption, and focus on adjusting these words.

In short, the SEM account optimization needs to focus on the overall data, and then slowly in-depth to the details to optimize, so the direction is clear, optimization efficiency will improve a lot, hope to have the need for a friend to help!

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