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E-commerce business-to-business business model is not simply to run a network of supermarkets and logistics, not simply the enterprise itself in favor of marketing and open the Network window, but also not e-commerce operators for the promotion of enterprise goods opened an advertising company (advertising is only a variety of operations service providers in the business of a project), Business-to-business (Enterprise and Enterprise) business operation mode, from the market economy this big environment, the network economy big market space angle, from the electronic commerce whole concept this strategic angle to operate.
The distinction between business-to-business and business-to-consumer or c2c market characteristics and operating patterns:
1, the Business-to-consumer or c2c, basically is the public needs of clothing, food, housing, line, use, play for the commodity characteristics, and to the shopping malls, supermarkets, advertising for the display of the form and win the consumer, for its market characteristics of the business model, it is a first-order goods, and then have orders one-time settlement of the mass consumer goods, is a dominant market consumption.
2, business-to-business (enterprises and enterprises) is a very strong targeted, special functional and irreplaceable for commodity characteristics of heavy industry, chemical, energy, machine source, equipment and so on, and the operator of the commercial operation of the professional requirements of a very strong, for its market characteristics of the business Operation model, is a more secretive market marketing hidden market consumption. It is a first order (agreement or economic contract), after the goods for the various industries, for many enterprises dedicated to the large industrial base of raw materials (raw materials, fuel, machinery and equipment, spare parts, etc.), it is in the industrial chain, logistics chain, upstream and downstream products in the form of the convection chain in the traditional market, its commodity consumption process production cycle long, Long delivery cycle and long payment cycle. Business-to-business E-commerce Operators Online Services to the object, is basically the backbone of the country's main enterprises, their various industries, enterprises, in fact, there is mutual supply, mutual trade, mutual circulation supply, mutual circulation trade market strategic alliances.
Their products are in marketing, basically rely on the visibility of the enterprise, specialization, more rely on the professional market sales personnel's personal ability to sell goods (due to the rapid upgrading of goods, more intense market competition, frequent changes in supply and demand), and most enterprises, due to corporate visibility, commodity visibility and financial constraints, Because the market information communication is not smooth, the time and space that grasps the market opportunity to be limited, the enterprise pays the manpower, the financial resources, the energy is too big (the sale cost is approximately 6-15%), the Enterprise commodity Management cost, the purchase and sale cost inevitably enlarges, sometimes, passes through, the great fortune. This is the traditional business, traditional markets, traditional trade, traditional business has shown the biggest drawbacks. In the market economy gradually standardized environment, Internet technology, electronics, telecommunications technology, office automation technology, television transmission technology gradually mature, IT industry, software industry development and development, in nature and unnatural in the birth of E-commerce. What is the market position of the e-business operator as the business model of business-to-business operation? Is the agent of the commodity? No, it's a two-way merchants to win the difference. No, is it to get more members to participate and to rely on membership fees as the main source of their income? Not even, (of course, membership fees are charged, but not in the main direction).
As the e-business operators that carry out business-to-business operations, they should be impartial people, intermediaries and brokers, which should be trusted by many enterprises and rely on online market and online trade service providers. As an e-business operator that carries out business-to-business business operations, to avoid the dominant market of consumer goods, the energy and financial resources into the mutual supply between enterprises and enterprises, mutual trade in this recessive market, according to the industrial chain, logistics chain, upstream and downstream products, convection chain of this standard, select the industry, select enterprises, only refined, Only special, not indiscriminate, to classify, to be screened. Seize the leading industry, leading enterprises, can consider the iron and steel metallurgy industry, non-ferrous metallurgy industry, large and medium-sized industrial enterprises with machinery manufacturing industry, machine tools, electricity, petrochemical, coal, automotive manufacturing and other related industries and related enterprises and its associated scientific research institutions to absorb, using the Internet communication Platform, The electronic Commerce operator This network service provider's energy, will the traditional big industrial product market, the traditional trade, the traditional business promotion to the on-line market, the on-line trade, the on-line services, uses the service charge and the Commission charge form to seek the profit main source. To E-commerce operators of the superb market affinity and operational means, the traditional market and the online market into one, and truly for many enterprises to provide product advertising, information communication, talent flow, new technology, the sale and transfer of patented technology, capital operations, corporate restructuring and large industrial products trade and other related online services.
This is a new online market operation mode, business-to-business network of online market mode, only with traditional industries, traditional industrial enterprises, traditional market grafting, can have a wide range of market value. It is necessary to combine the principle of market economy, the function of resource allocation, the competition of online market and online trade with the nature of maximizing profit of each trade and the adaptability of e-business operation mode. E-commerce operators on the online market, online trade to provide organizations, coordination, communication and other all-round online services, can build large industrial products trade online oriental market, suck na by many industrial enterprises participate in the commodity trade Economic Community, to create a perfect business-to-business e-commerce this high-quality brand.
Note: I based on the past 20 years of experience in marketing and experience, in the concept of a business-to-business e-business operation model of the market operation plan, hoping to study with colleagues, a lot of exchanges.

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