Thinkpad W520 Perfect Installation ubuntu14.04lts

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Thinkpad W520 Perfect installation ubuntu14.04lts

Ubuntu has been upgraded to 14.04LTS, which is a long-term supported version number. There has been no upgrade since the last installation of 12.04LTS.

Then download the Ubuntu14.04 desktop version from the site, and then use Startup Disk Creator to burn to the USB flash drive as the boot disk.

My notebook is a dual hard drive. 500G is Win7. The 1TB SSD is Ubuntu12.04.

Plug in the USB, and then start.

Enter the BIOS, disable Nvidia standalone graphics, disable virtualization. Select Manual Partition Installation. Of course, don't forget to back up the original 12.04 data.

Partitions such as the following:

2048 MB to/boot. This is really not a small point.

At least 1GB.

Online said 200M. That's nonsense.

16384 MB to swap, I am 16GB RAM. Therefore, according to the principle of reciprocity, divided into 16GB exchange partition. This is a bit of a injustice. Seems to have been useless to swap partitions.

6144 MB to/tmp. This is purely to add up to the above =8192. However,/tmp must be separated, the advantages of large.

The/home partition gives 160GB. This is usually some information.

The rest of the bad subdivision. To the root partition:/.

Then it was that hateful nvidia installation that was previously tossed to death by this video card. Now it's finally revisiting. For my article:

The general idea is to install Ubuntu on the premise of banning n cards, and then enable n cards (virtualization is disabled at the same time). Then install the N-card driver.

Change and update grub, then execute nvidia-xconfig generate that xorg.conf file, add a sentence.

After restarting, turn on virtualization support.

That's all.

To Spit Groove is, 14.04 Pinyin input method will not be used, no matter how also can not play the pinyin kanji. Chose the Sunpinyin. will be able to. That's disgusting. It was like a delicious meal and finally ate a fly.

Don't change user habits.

Don't change user habits.

Don't change user habits.

Next, install the virtual Machine Manager: sudo apt-get install Virt-manager.

Missing (que word in any case cannot be played out.) Just have to hit QD and then remove the word ' de ' and what's loaded. You sister Ah, this is not a bug?

I feel this version of the Ubuntu Chinese input method is too bad. Nmlg--b, it's okay to change a hair?

Fortunately everything else is fine.

All in all, it's a lot easier to install than Windows7 that bird thing. Windows7 You have to look everywhere to find J--b drive, but also to spend money to buy word/office. And that's all. Ubuntu is free of charge. Free of charge, free of charge.

Thinkpad W520 Perfect Installation ubuntu14.04lts

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