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thinkphp URL rules, url pseudo-static, url routing, url rewriting, url generation (15)

This section: Details thinkphp URL rules, url pseudo-static, url routing, url rewriting, url generation

First, URL rules
1, the default is case-sensitive
2, if we do not want to distinguish between the case can change the configuration file
' url_case_insensitive ' =>true,//url case insensitive
* Module name is too long for the case:
A, if the module is named Usergroupaction, complex module (usually indexaction)
Then the URL to find the module is necessary to write
B, if ' url_case_insensitive ' =>false (case-sensitive condition can be accessed)
Then the URL can also be written as

Second, URL pseudo-static (TP default support pseudo-static)
* Default PDO, HTML, XML ... is supported, if you want to limit the configuration.
' Url_html_suffix ' = ' html|shtml|xml ',//limit pseudo-static suffix

Third, URL routing
1. Start the route
To turn on routing support in the configuration file
' url_router_on ' = = true,//Turn on routing
2. Using routing
1. Rule Expressions Configure Routing
' url_router_on ' = = true,//Turn on routing
' Url_route_rules ' = Array (
' My ' = ' index/index ',//static address routing access: Http://localhost/thinkphp/index.php/my
': Id/:num ' + ' index/index ', */* After the numeric value of random write, the letter will be OK
Dynamic Address Routing access: http://localhost/thinkphp/index.php/10/200
You can pass a value or get it in the module controller using get
echo $_get[' id '];
echo $_get[' num '];
' My/:num ' = ' index/index ',//mixed address routing http://localhost/thinkphp/index.php/my/200
' year/:year/:month/:d ate ' = ' index/index ',//dynamic and static mixed address routing: HTTP://LOCALHOST/THINKPHP/INDEX.PHP/YEAR/2014/12/21
' year/:year\d/:month\d/:d ate\d ' = ' index/index ',//dynamic and static mixed address routing--plus \d representative type can only be numeric
' my/:id$ ' = ' index/index ',//plus $ Description The address can only be my/1000 there's nothing else left behind.

2. Regular expression Configuration routing
'/^year\/(\d{4}) \ (\d{2})/(\d{2})/' = ' index/index?year=:1&month=:2&date=:3 '

3. Precautions:
1. The more complex the route the more forward
' Url_route_rules ' =>array (
' my/:year/:month:/:d ay ' = ' index/day ', * Complex routes are placed in front of them and will not be executed at the back
' my/:id\d ' = ' index/index ',
' My/:name ' = ' index/index ',
2. You can use the route rule as an exact match (no matter the complex no, it will match all the regular)
' Url_route_rules ' =>array (
' my/:id\d$ ' = ' index/index ',
' my/:name$ ' = ' index/index ',
' my/:year/:month:/:d ay$ ' = ' index/day ',
3. Using regular matching methods
' Url_route_rules ' =>array (
'/^my\/(\d+) $/' = ' index/index?id=:1 ',
'/^my\/(\w+) $/' = ' index/index?name=:1 ',
'/^my\/(\d{4}) \ (\d{2})/(\d{2}) $/' = ' index/day?year=:1&month=:2&day=:3 ',

iv. URL Rewriting
For example: http://localhost/thinkphp/index.php/Index/index.html/t/my----don't want index.php to show up.
The following is the Apache configuration process, you can refer to the following:
1. The module is loaded in the httpd.conf configuration file
2. AllowOverride None Change None to all
3. Make sure Url_model is set to 2 (this step is omitted)
4. Save the following content as a. htaccess file in a sibling directory of the portal file

Rewriteengine on
Rewriterule ^ (. *) $ index.php/$1 [qsa,pt,l]

After restarting Apache, the original
You can access it by accessing
http://localhost/thinkphp/Index/index.html/t/my-simplified URL address, SEO support is better

v. URL generation(The manual is described in detail)
Public Function URL () {
echo U (' Index/add '); The URL address of the add operation that generated the index module

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