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Now this message is flooded with the age of application if there is no SMS registration; You dare not say that you are engaged in development;

This verification code is not difficult to do, but if the contact is a bit unknown from where to start the confusion;

Talk about the concept first;

To send a CAPTCHA, you need at least three items; AppID, key, template ID;

AppID, and key such as easier to understand, a variety of third-party platforms will be provided;

Template ID refers to the content of the text message, such as "Taobao" verification code is 192612, please enter in 5 minutes;

This is a template; we can only change 192612, and 5 of these two digits when texting; others are fixed;

Because of policy issues; templates need to be applied and audited; Generally 1 working days are over;

Below to write the specific process;

1: Find a reliable text message authentication code platform, recommend the following used; The following take Jong communication as an example; other platforms a truth;

Ali Big Fish:

Jong Communication:

2: Register, login, authentication, all nonsense; get account SID, AUTH TOKEN;

3: Create an application;

4: Add a template;

5: Wait for the audit pass; get the template ID;

6: Finished. Think much of it; this is just the basic condition to be able to send the verification code, and then download the official SDK;

The title hangs the thinkphp integration Short message authentication code; don't write thinkphp; it must be sprayed into slag. There's no residue left.

All the source code can be found in my open source project bjyadmin:

Take my open source project for example; put it in the/thinkphp/library/org/xb/rongcloud.class.php.

7: Adding functions to the public library/application/common/common/function.php

/**  *  send   Jong communication   Verification code  *  @param   int  $phone   Mobile number  * @ param  int  $code    Verification code  *  @return  boole     
  Whether to send successfully  */Function send_sms_code ($phone, $code) {    //request address, format as follows, do not need to write https://
     $serverIP = ' ';
    //Request Port      $serverPort = ' 8883 ';
    //rest version number      $softVersion = ' 2013-12-26 ';
    //main account      $accountSid =c (' Ronglian_account_sid ');
    //main account TOKEN      $accountToken =c (' Ronglian_account_token ');

    //Application ID      $appId =c (' ronglian_appid ');
     $rest  = new \org\xb\rest ($serverIP, $serverPort, $softVersion);
     $rest->setaccount ($accountSid, $accountToken);      $rest->setappid ($appId);     //  Send template sms      $result = $rest->sendtemplatesms ($phone, Array ($
code,5), 59939);     if ($result ==null)  {        return 
False    &NBSP}     if ($result->statuscode!=0)  {    
    return  false;     }else{        return true;     &NBSP}}

8: Fill in configuration item/application/common/conf/config.php with account SID, AUTH TOKEN, template ID

' Ronglian_account_sid ' => ',//Jong Communications main account Accountsid ' Ronglian_account_token ' => '
,//Jong communications Master Account TOKEN Oken
' ronglian_appid ' => ',//Jong communication Application ID APPID ' ronglian_template_id ' => '
,//Jong Communication Template ID

9: Call Function: Send_sms_code (' Mobile number ', ' Verification Code ');

The open source project I've been sorting out is already integrated; all it takes is to fill in the blanks in the configuration items and send text messages;

Children's shoes need to be directly git clone test:

This article for Bai Jun Remote original article, reproduced without contact with me, but please specify from Bai Jun remote blog                   &N Bsp    

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