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Underneath the gorgeous split line is the specific implementation that needs to be modified and configurable:


<?php return Array (//replacement mode) It is best to remove some ~app.php and ~runtime.php//' Configuration Items ' => ' configuration values '//Since the open URL, whether rewritten or not rewritten, can be accessed via the original path// If you want to turn on rewrite mode, you need to do the following//1.query the server has opened the Apache rewrite module//LoadModule rewrite_module modules/ In with the main entry file, under the statistics directory, create a new. htaccess (Vi:save. htaccess notepad: ". htaccess")//If Option mode 2 (rewrite) increases server consumption ' Url_model ' =>1, ' URL _patninfo_model ' =>2,//pathinfo contains two types of//1 common patterns: plus M and a: Sequential relationships can change//http://localhost/mythinkphp/admin.php/m/index/a /index//Transfer value//http://localhost/mythinkphp/admin.php/m/index/a/index/username/zhangsan/password/password// 2 Intelligent Recognition Module operation (the default mode is intelligent recognition)//http://localhost/mythinkphp/admin.php/index/index//value//http://localhost/mythinkphp/ Admin.php/index/index/username/zhangsan/password/password//Modify URL separator//' URL_PATHINFO_DEPR ' => '-',//modify template left-right delimiter ' Tmpl_l_delim ' => ' <!--{', ' tmpl_r_delim ' => '}--> ',//******************************** very gorgeous split line ********** Turn on debug mode//1. Simulate a Linux system to identify case//2. The case of the method name is related to the case of the template file ' App_dEbug ' =>true,//can customize the trace information//profile path of the page The trace information is configured under THINKPHP/TPL pageTrace.tpl.php//Custom way://' tmpl_trace_file ' = >app_path. ' /public/trace.php ',//or customize the trace.php page into the current Conf folder//default Debug File Location://thinkphp/common/debug.php//Do not cache database fields; Re-modify the files below Runtim/data can be deleted//' Db_fields_cache ' => false,//can be customized debug.php into the current Conf folder//First App_ DEBUG is set to false and then add the following parameter//' App_debug ' =>false,//show the time required to run this page/' Show_run_time ' =>true,//Show detailed elapsed time (based on Show_run _time)//' Show_adv_time ' =>true,//Displays the number of operations (based on Show_run_time)//' Show_db_times ' =>true,//shows the number of cached operations (based on Show_ run_time)//' Show_cache_times ' =>true,//display memory overhead (based on show_run_time)//' Show_use_mem ' =>true,//Setup template//' Default_ THEME ' => ' default ',//log processing Log class: lib/think/core/log.class.php//Open log ' Log_record ' =>true,//Log processing log class: lib/think/ There are processing levels in the core/log.class.php, optionally joining ' Log_record_level ' =>array (' Emerg ', ' ALERT '),?>

To use in action:

Model debugging (The operation statement executed in the database)
$User =new model (' User ');
$User->find (1);
Gets the last executed SQL
echo $User->getlastsql ();

Usage: Log information, log level, log type, specific information
log::write ("AA", $level, $type, $file);
The record method writes information to memory

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