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TP3.2 Framework Manual, there is a data paging, but each time to write too much code, as well as Chinese settings, such as some trouble, as a program developers, it is necessary to organize the following:           First, paging method the replication code/** &NB sp;* TODO The same code encapsulation of the underlying paging, making the foreground code less  * @param $m model, reference delivery  * @param $where query criteria  * @param int $pagesize The number of query bars per page &n bsp;* @return \think\page  */function getpage (& $m, $where, $pagesize =10) {    $m 1=clone $m;//Shallow copy a model & nbsp   $count = $m->where ($where)->count ();//The JOIN operation will be reset     $m = $m 1;//for the constant operation of the connection, a shallow copy of the model     $p =new think\page ($count, $pagesize);     $p->lastsuffix=false;     $p->setconfig (' header ', ' <li class= ' rows ' > Total <b>%TOTAL_ROW%</b> records    per page <b>%LIST_ROW%</b>    page <b>%NOW_PAGE%</b>/Total <b>%TOTAL_PAGE%</b> page </li> ');     $p->setconfig (' prev ', ' prev ');     $p->setconfig (' Next ', ' next page ');     $p->setconfig (' Last ', ' End ');     $p->setconfig (' first ', ' home ');   &NBSP $p->setconfig (' theme ', '%first%%up_page%%link_page%%down_page%%end% ');       $p->parameter=i (' Get. ');       $m->limit ($p->firstrow, $p->listrows);       return $p; The copy code GetPage method can be placed in the application/common/common/of the TP framework function.php, this document can be dedicated to a number of common methods, where all can be invoked (such as: Controller file, view file, etc.).       II, paging method   $m =m (' products '); $p =getpage ($m, $where, 10); $list = $m->field (True)->where ($where)->order (' id desc ')->select (); $this->list= $list; $this->page= $p->show (); Again the View Code   &LT;DIV class= "pagination" > {$page} </div>     Three, the last is the style of pagination, this is a bit messy, because the background frame online download, Style has not come and finishing, this style can also be achieved, simple.   Copy code. Pagination UL     Display:inline-block     margin-bottom:0     Margin-lef t:0;    -WEBKIT-BORDER-RADIUS:3PX;    -MOZ-BORDER-RADIUS:3PX;     BORDER-RADIUS:3PX;    -webkit-box-shadow:0 1px 2px rgba (0, 0,0,0.05);    -moz-box-shadow:0 1px 2px rgba (0,0,0,0.05);     box-shadow:0 1px 2px rgba (0,0,0,0.05); }. Pagination ul li {  display:inline;}   pagination ul li.rows {    line-height:30px;   &N Bsp padding-left:5px; Pagination ul li.rows B{color: #f00}   Pagination ul Li A,. Pagination ul Li span {    float:left; &n Bsp   PADDING:4PX 12px;     line-height:20px;     Text-decoration:none;     Background-color: #fff;     Background:url ('.. /images/bottom_bg.png ') 0px 0px;     BORDER:1PX solid #d3dbde;    /*border-left-width:0;*/    margin-left:2px;     color: #08c; Pagination ul Li a:hover{    color:red     background: #0088cc; pagination ul Li.first-child A,. Pagination ul Li.first-child span {    border-left-width:1px    -webkit-border-bottom-left-rad ius:3px;   &nbsp border-bottom-left-radius:3px;    -WEBKIT-BORDER-TOP-LEFT-RADIUS:3PX;     BORDER-TOP-LEFT-RADIUS:3PX;    -MOZ-BORDER-RADIUS-BOTTOMLEFT:3PX;    -MOZ-BORDER-RADIUS-TOPLEFT:3PX; Pagination ul disabled span,. Pagination ul. Disabled A, pagination ul. Disabled a:hover {color: #999; cursor:defau Lt Background-color:transparent; Pagination ul. Active a,. Pagination ul. Active span {color: #999; cursor:default; pagination ul Li A:hover,. Pagi Nation ul. Active a,. Pagination ul. Active span {background-color: #f0c040; pagination ul Li.last-child A,. paginatio N ul Li.last-child span {   -webkit-border-top-right-radius:3px     border-top-right-radius:3px;    -WEBKIT-BORDER-BOTTOM-RIGHT-RADIUS:3PX;     BORDER-BOTTOM-RIGHT-RADIUS:3PX;    -MOZ-BORDER-RADIUS-TOPRIGHT:3PX;    -MOZ-BORDER-RADIUS-BOTTOMRIGHT:3PX;   Pagination ul li.current A{color: #f00; font-weight:bold; Background: #ddd}

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