thinkphp template substitution and system constants and application

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Default Template substitution rules:

. /public  :   usually  /   project directory  /tpl/default/public/

__public__  : It will be replaced with the public directory of the current site   usually  /public/

__tmpl__       usually  /   project directory  /tpl/default/


__app__      url   address  

__url__      url   address (without domain name)

__action__  : Will replace the current operation of the  url   address  

__self__ : will replace the current page URL

You can also customize the substitution rule by configuring the value of Tmpl_parse_string in the project configuration file, such as:

Tmpl_parse_string + = Array (

     ' __public__ ' = ' /common ' , // Change the default__public__substitution Rules

       < Span lang= "en-us" xml:lang= "en-us" > ' __upload__ '  =>&NBSP;  < Span style= "Color:rgb (221,0,0);" > '/public/uploads/'    //    add new upload path substitution rules



file path: aoli/home/tpl/default/user/index.html

  <p>__root__ represents the URL of the current website </p>
  <p>_ _URL__ represents the URL address of the current module/index.php/user</p>
  <p>.. /public represents/aoli/tpl/default/public</p>
  <p>__public__ represents the project public file directory/public</p>
  <p>__tmpl__ represents the template directory for the current project/aoli/tpl/default/</p>
  <p>__app__ Represents the entry file address of the current project/index.php</p>
  <p>__action__ represents the current action address/index.php/user/index</p>
  <p>__self__ represents the current URL address/index.php/user/</p>
  <form action= "__url__/add" method= "post";
    <input type= " Text "name=" username "/>
    <input type=" Submit "value=" register "/>
  < /form>

File path: aoli/home/lib/action/useraction.class.php


  class Useraction extends Action {
        function index () {
            $this- >display ();          
       function Add () {
            dump ($_post);      


Access path: Http:// input content, click the Register button to jump to Http:// and execute the Add method under the User module, Outputs the submitted content.

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