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Thinkphp the use of ueditor under the detailed,

This paper describes the use of Ueditor under thinkphp. Share to everyone for your reference, as follows:

1, first need to download ueditor, download address:

2, download the corresponding PHP version, after download renamed to Ueditor, according to the need to put in the corresponding project directory. I put the location for the Public/admin folder, admin for background access to the portal file directory.

3, the use of the project

The first step is to introduce the core JS file:

Then add the label to the file, note the Set ID property <br/><span><u> Copy the Code </U></span> code as follows: <textarea name= " Content "id=" Editorid ">

followed by the initialization editor, note the configuration path


1. The path of Ueditor_home_url is configured as the location of Ueditor.
2, the image upload path configuration
3, Editor.render ("TextArea ID consistent");

At this point a basic completion.

But, under IE9, the editor doesn't have a bit of effect, what's going on?

Under the IE9, it is necessary to
Copy the Code code as follows: window. Ueditor_home_url = "__public__/ueditor/";
The path setting code is placed between the introduction of JS file and initialization.

It is hoped that this article is helpful to the PHP program design based on thinkphp framework.

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