thinkphp Use of frame templates

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"Call template on Controller"

Display () a template that invokes the name of the current operation

Display (' name ') invokes the template file of the specified name

Controller call template Four ways:

"Passing variables to the template in the controller"

Passing variable information to a template inside Smarty

$smarty-Assign (variable name, value);

Within the TP frame the same applies to assign () passing variable information to the template

Thinkphp the left and right tags of the template engine:


Modify the TP template engine tag

Modify the template engine to Smarty

1 pass variable information to the template in two ways:

$this-Assign (name, value);

$this, name = value;

You can modify the left and right marks of the TP template engine

We can modify the template engine to Smarty

2 Output common variable information in template

3 output array element information inside the template

1 {$hobby [table below]}

2 {$hobby. The following table}

Output object's property information inside the template

{$ucenter Property name}

{$ucenter: Property name}

"Traversing Array Information"

Two methods:

foreach and volist can be nested traversal, the deepest level is 3 layers.

foreach (parameter 1, parameter 2, parameter 3)

Volist (parameter 1 parameter 2 parameter 3)

Name: template array variable names

ID: traversed element information

Key: element below table information (key i)

Offset: Output array offset

Length: Shows the number of output elements

MoD: For the specified number, modulo

Empty: array Specifies information for NULL transport

"Normal for loop output"

Lt:less than less than <

Gt:great than greater than

Eq:equal equals

Elt:less equal less than or equal to

Egt:great equal greater than or equal to

Heq:heng equal constant equals

Nheq:not Heng equal not constant equals

"Conditional judgment Structure"

If judgment

Two-way branch:

Multi-Channel Branch:

"Scope judgment"

In between

inch Label Use

between Label Use

Range Label Use ( in and between integrated tabs )

"Constant equals"

thinkphp Use of frame templates

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