THINKPHP5 Accessing the SQL2000 database

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We all know that PHP and MySQL is perfect, but because sometimes work requires PHP access operation sql2000, how to do?

There are generally two ways of doing this:

1. sqlsrv Drive Mode

2. ODBC mode

Sqlsrv drive mode, because Microsoft company reason, does not provide sql2000 access driver, only provides sql2005 above the driver, so if your database is more than 2005 version, especially SQL2008R2, to Microsoft Official can download to sql2008 for PHP driver, there are many articles on the internet, my blog has an article specifically discuss the situation;

My working environment is: PHP 5.5n (phpstudy) + nginx + tp5.10 + sql2000 + win7 (64-bit) system

Online Search This article, tested, the article method is available:

(i) Working in the controller using ODBC:

<?phpnamespace App\index\controller; UsePDO;//For PDO ODBC sql2000 or SQL2008R2classindex{ Public functionindex () {Header(' content-type:text/html; Charset=utf-8 '); ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////test sql2000&sql2008r2 PDO        //////////////////////////////////////////////////////        $dbname= ' Master '; $username= ' sa '; $password= ' Yoooko '; //--------------------------------------------------------------OK//sql2000        $mssqldriver= ' {SQL Server} '; $hostname= '\sql2000,1434 '; //Connect using ODBC mode        $dbDB=NewPDO ("odbc:driver=$mssqldriver; Server=$hostname;D atabase=$dbname",$username,$password); //--------------------------------------------------------------                //--------------------------------------        ------------------------OK//sql2008r2//$mssqldriver = ' {SQ Server Native Client 11.0} ';        $mssqldriver = ' {ODBC Driver one for SQL Server} ';        $hostname = '\sql2008r2,14333 '; Not available when sqlsrv driver is installed, error:could not find driver//$dbDB = new PDO ("sqlsrv:server= $hostname;D atabase= $dbname", $user        Name, $password); //--------------------------------------------------------------        $sql= "SELECT * FROM CS"; foreach($dbDB->query ($sql) as $row) {            Var_dump($row); }    }}

(ii) Working with the database.php + controller

Configuration in database.php:

return [    //  database type    ' type '            // must be entered <br>//    user name    ' Username '        = ' sa ',    / / password    ' password '        = ' Yoooko ',    //  Connect DSN, driver, server address and port, database name    ' DSN '             = ' odbc:driver={sql server}; Server=\sql2000,1434;database=master ',];

In the index.php controller:

<?phpnamespace App\index\controller; Usethink\db;classindex{ Public functionindex () {Header(' content-type:text/html; Charset=utf-8 '); //$user = db::table (' cs ')->select (); No, there's a row_number () error        $user= Db::query ("SELECT * from CS");//must use native SQL, correct        Echo' <pre> '; Print_r($user); Echo' </pre> '; }}

THINKPHP5 Accessing the SQL2000 database

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