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The most talked over the past few days is the website of a third-party Android software store in the mobile Internet circle. The following websites are in no ranking order:

Hiapk market (Android)Http://

Gfan market (Macheng Network)Http://

Eoemarket (youyi Market)Http://

Aimi8 (alime)Http://


Yingyonghui (one of the innovative workshop projects: Application exchange)Http://


With an eye-catching view, based on the judgment that each person uses its product evaluation and accepts its marketing information, the characteristics and rankings of each software store are quite clear, and their Alex ranking and Seo keyword information are displayed,



Hiapk market (Android) No. 1 in Alexa7422Bit.



<Title> Android (Android) Sharing Forum, Android software, Rom, and the largest Android (Android) Resource Forum, available on the hiapk Android Network </title>

<Meta name = "keywords" content = "Android (Android) system, Android (Android) mobile phone, Android (Android) QQ, Android (Android) Forum, android (Android) market, Android (Android) SDK, Android (Android) software, Google Android (Android), Android (Android) development, Android (Android) 2.0, Android (Android) Chinese, Android (Android) simulator, Android (Android) Forum, Android (Android) source code, Android (Android) game, android (Android) wallpaper, Android (Android) download, Android (Android) Rom, Android (Android) Flash, Android (Android) beautification, Android (Android) 2.1 "/>

<Meta name = "Description" content = "android Android (Android) system, Android (Android) mobile phone, Android (Android) QQ, Android (Android) Forum, android (Android) market, Android (Android) SDK, Android (Android) software, Google Android (Android), Android (Android) development, Android (Android) 2.0, Android (Android) Chinese, Android (Android) simulator, Android (Android) Forum, Android (Android) source code, Android (Android) game, android (Android) wallpaper, Android (Android) download, Android (Android) Rom, Android (Android) Flash, Android (Android) beautification, Android (Android) 2.1 "/>




Gfan market (Macheng Network) No. 1 in Alexa10253Bit.



<Title> flink market-flink network gfan. com-aizhi Chinese site of Android smart phones </title>

<Meta name = "keywords" content = "Android, gfan, Apsara stack, Android, Nexus, one, Android development, Android mobile phone, Android software, androirom, Rom, Android flash, the largest Android Chinese community, G1, G2, G3, magic, software, Rom, unlocking, Chinese, games, cracking, Flash, APK, gphone, SDK, ahome, milestone, Moto, xt701, xt800, m3600, cliq, hero, i7500, Motorola, Samsung, and voda "/>

<Meta name = "Description" content = "mappn, the largest Android Chinese community in the android Chinese forum, which provides Android mobile phone evaluation and Rom download, and Android security software, android security topics, Android Security tutorials, Android Security ringtones, Android Security wallpapers, and Android development resources "/>



Eoemarket (youyi Market) No. 1 in Alexa119663Bit.



<Title> youyi market, eoemarket, and anzhi App Store </title>

<Meta name = "keywords" content = "homepage, eoemarket, EOE, Android Market, Android, software market, software store, app, app, game, widget, Game"/>

<Meta name = "Description" content = "eoemarket is a Chinese market launched by Yi Lian Zhiyuan, work closely with Android Developers and provide users with a platform integrating software sharing, search, and service for excellent Android applications. Uyi market is committed to providing better Android software services, narrowing the gap between developers and gamers. In addition to providing an ideal platform for users and enthusiasts of Android mobile phones to share resources, information, and exchange, the youyi market also provides users with diversified value-added services. "/>



Aimi8 (alime) No. 1 in Alexa498061Bit.



<Title> Amy Ba, Amy software store, Android app store, Android app, and android game </title>

<Meta http-equiv = "keywords" content = "Amy Ba, Android, Android games, mobile phone software, software Daquan, Application Center, software store"/>

<Meta name = "Description" content = "provides a communication platform other than mobile terminals for AMIS users. You can access the ocean of mobile Internet applications and communicate with developers/gamers from all over the world. We also have a lot of interesting features that can make you experience the fun of being different from each other at alime. "/>




Goapk) No. 1 in Alexa60079Bit.




<Title> anzhi market homepage: Software recommendation </title>

<Meta name = "keywords" content = "Android, Applications">



Yingyonghui (one of the innovative workshop projects: Application exchange) No. 1 in Alexa202002Bit.



<Meta name = "keywords" content = "Android Market, installation required, software, games, free, APK, Android, androidapk, APK download, Android software, Android games, Android applications, smartphones, Google phones, HTC, meizu M8 Android, ophone, happy phone, OMS, Fan Feng, eoemarket, Ann Zhi, anzhi, Android, hiapk, goapk, handheld, app sink, handheld application sink ">

<Meta name = "Description" content = "handheld app sink instantly enriches your mobile phone and strives to build the most comprehensive and convenient Chinese Resource Platform for Android smartphones, download resources for various Android applications and Games ">



Else ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Analysis and comment:

From the Alexa ranking, the above software store rankings are:


First place: hiapk market (Android Network), Alexa ranking7422 

Second place: gfan market (Fengfeng Network ),Alexa ranking 10253 

Third place:Goapk),Alexa ranking60079 

Fourth place:Eoemarket (youyi Market),Alexa ranking119663 

Fifth place:Yingyonghui (one of the innovative workshop projects: Application exchange ),Alexa ranking 202002 

Sixth place:Aimi8 (Amy ),Alexa ranking498061 


From the SEO Keywords of the website, the above software store features:


Hiapk market (Android Network ),From Android Rom, theme beautification, wallpapers, simulators, games, sdks, source code, forums, software, downloads, etc..

Gfan market (Fengfeng Network ),It contains the Android Network Name and append the cracking, unlocking, tutorials, ringtones, development resources, and Android mobile phone brands and models.

Goapk)It's just Android and appliations. It's strange that there are not so many keywords on other websites, but Alexa ranks very top (a friend who knows the reason provides answers)

Eoemarket (youyi Market)Contains widgets with few keywords.

Yingyonghui, which includesThe names of machine Feng, eoemarket, Ann Zhi, anzhi, Android, hiapk, and goapk are added with the required keywords for installation.

Aimi8 (alime) is very distinctive.Description, the keyword is also very simple


From my experience using the above third-party software store products,


Hiapk market (Android Network), the software interface is simple, the style is basically the same as the official Android Market, it is easy to get started; but the company's development direction will not take the software store as the core direction.

Gfan market (Macheng Network), exquisite software interface, good user experience, optimistic about future development trends, the current number of website users and PV are relatively objective results.

Goapk), Has never used its software, does not make comments, but looks at its website interface is average.

Eoemarket (youyi Market)It is a developer community with friendly software interfaces and the most popular support. It has strong technical strength, but its marketing capability is weak, which is closely related to the professional background of entrepreneurs.

Yingyonghui (one of the innovative workshop projects: App Exchange), as an investment project of IW in the innovative workshop, gets additional traffic from website promotion by stealing keywords from other software store websites, I think this is not a promotion technique, but a very unconfident performance of my own products, but its software products do not have anything special.

Aimi8 (alime), the software interface is too exquisite, and the user experience is too advanced. I complained to the CEO some time ago that the user experience is too much and the development prospects are worth looking forward.


Today's image: "Your choose"




In fact, all third-party Android software stores today are targeted at high-end users of mobile phones. When VC talk about it, in the future, all the fake mobile phones will be on the Android system. Even if that day is coming soon, those users who use shanzhai Android phones will not make your users. Mobile users always choose products based on their own characteristics and usage habits. Therefore, please do not use the Android system to select mobile phone users. It is not wise to use Android applications and games to select mobile phone users in software stores.


Bytes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Search Application Network ( are committed to the provision of mobile Internet-mobile app services, and strive to create an environment for the majority of mobile phone users to share mobile apps and fully enjoy mobile life, bringing us unlimited life and fun, therefore, we are convinced that mobile Internet is the personal age of mobile phone users personalization and sharing. Currently, our services are mainly for Android mobile phone systems.


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