Third-party open-source libraries currently used by iOS projects and third-party open-source libraries for ios Projects

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Third-party open-source libraries currently used by iOS projects and third-party open-source libraries for ios Projects

1. AFNetworking

Currently, the recommended iOS network request component is asynchronous by default. It processes the returned data through block callback.



The sqlite database operations are encapsulated, And the demo is relatively simple.


3. MBProgressHUD

It is also a commonly used component in iOS projects to display the transition effect. For example, loading is displayed before a network request, and loading is hidden at the end of the network. We recommend that you encapsulate it in BaseViewController, so that all ViewController inheritance can be used.


4. MJRefresh

This is the work of Dr. Yan Jie of Chuanzhi podcast. His oc base is that he basically won the video for half a weekend. MJRefresh is mainly used for Refresh operations. It provides common refresh operations and refresh animations, which are useful. We recommend that you encapsulate the method in BaseViewController. In this way, you only need to modify the refresh operation. (The old version of MJRefresh used previously only supports normal refresh and does not support animation. Later, the version changes a lot and the old method is no longer recommended, therefore, it is better to encapsulate the base class for later modification)


5. SDWebImage

It is also the most commonly used component in iOS. Users can load network images and cache them locally. In general, after the first loading, the file name will be cached locally based on url encryption. If the image is loaded again, it will be directly loaded from the local. It is easy to use. Here we also share a problem. First, we need to attach a small image from the network, then use the small image as the occupied bitmap, and then load a large image from the network.


6. RDVTabBarController

A TabBar component allows you to easily set text images, click effects, and red dots at the bottom menu.


7. Toast

Similar to the toast prompt effect of android, It is encapsulated in BaseViewController and prompted where necessary.


8. XMPPFramework

The only xmpp class library in iOS, the author added xep-0198 protocol support (Stream Management for xmpp reconnection) in last August, but when updated through the pod, cannot be downloaded to the latest version, maybe 0198 is not complete yet and cannot be used as the official version.


9. TPKeyboardAvoiding

The height is automatically calculated on the keyboard to scroll the screen.


10. AMR

For instant messaging audio processing, the current recording file used for instant messaging is m4a, which is convenient for web-side audio playback.


11. TQRichTextView

It is used for Rich Text View control display, instant messaging expression display, and resource comment rich text display.


12. CSGrowingTextView

Used as the instant messaging text box and comment text box to display multiple lines of input.


13. MJExtension

It is also the work of instructor Yan Jie, which is used for converting json to model. It is somewhat similar to Google's Gson in java. The conversion efficiency is also said to be very high, and it is relatively simple to use. json is directly converted into a model as long as the previous and background conventions are agreed. An iOS friend who has been working for many years said that a project mainly manages the model layer and he recommends Mantle. However, MJ is more lightweight and easier to use.


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