Third week homework

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What a lot of students are not interested in their own professional?

Class again, looking around, a classroom only sat half of the people, the front seat only a few people. Is there any other reason than teaching mode? I think so, as far as I'm concerned, I thought I'd go to college and not say a year, and then two years later, I'd be able to make my own code of satisfaction.

But the reality is not so, in two years of freshman year, we learn the algorithm, grammar and so on. Indeed, programming ability is an abstract problem and the ability to use the machine to solve problems through code is a bridge of communication with the machine. But when we were in front of the computer for a few 10 minutes, the end result is a line of text in the black and white console. It's true that getting the right results is very pleasing, but at the time, this is quite different from the imaginary results. The gap between reality and expectation is the root cause of the students ' interest.

Less interest in learning motivation is also reduced, learning decline is also inevitable. To the junior, perhaps we can understand why to learn the previous knowledge, at least I can slightly understand, a lot of students also realize, but it is not too late, I hope that we come together.

Third week homework

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