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1. The salary is not important at the time of entry. As long as you work hard, you will get the appropriate treatment.

I guess almost anyone looking for a job has heard of this sentence. When we decide to be hired and talk about salary with the company, they will say, "If your performance is outstanding and you work hard in the future, your reward will also increase accordingly. "Most people believe these words when they are looking for a job for the first time, but tens of millions ~~ Don't believe it.

When you are new, your salary is all you have (except for some positions, such as sales or flexible salary ), in addition, most of your salary will fluctuate with your salary after you start your job. The salary adjustment also takes a certain percentage based on your current salary. Insurance and Provident Fund are also related to your salary, when your basic salary is low, you will not have much room for further compensation growth.

Therefore, do not be soft-hearted when looking for a job, because it is yours.

I made this mistake when I first looked for a job. At that time, I had no requirement for higher salary. At that time, I felt that the basic salary was several hundred yuan lower than that of others, but it was later discovered that it has a lever effect. Although your salary will increase more than others each year, your salary will be lower than others.

For example, if your basic salary is 4000, and the second year's salary is 20% (a small number of people in general can increase by 20%), the second year's salary is 4800; if your employee's basic salary is 4500, and the second year's salary is 10% (generally), the second year's salary is 4950.

See the gap? Remember, when you start your job, your salary is all you have.

2. the personnel department is not your target

I have seen many employees talk to the personnel manager in the company, and the personnel in the personnel department may talk to employees on a regular basis, asking if they have any problems at work? Is there anything that the personnel department needs to solve for its employees?

However, please remember that the personnel department of the company is not your target. The primary task of the personnel department is not to help employees, but to protect the interests of the company from damages to employees. This is the most important thing. Many people may think that the personnel department is a friend of their own, and sometimes even tell the personnel department their true attitude towards the company and the boss. (If You Do This frequently, I can say for sure that you will suffer badly and no one will tell you why)

No matter how friendly the personnel in the personnel department are, you must recognize that they will share the information with the Decision-Making department about your conversations with them, for example, your boss, manager, supervisor, and CEO. The responsibility of the personnel department is (and sometimes legal) to inform the Company of the so-called "secrets" of the Decision-Making department ".

For example, if you do not like your current work or the relationship with the boss is not well handled, You must contact the personnel department to complain. You should directly communicate with your boss. At the time of the conversation, employees of the personnel department may send sympathy and say they should report the situation to their superiors, however, in most cases, the Personnel Department will convey your conversations with them to your boss, and your boss will never be able to forgive them. If there is a problem, you should not solve it with the boss first, instead, you can directly find the personnel department. In this way, your situation is passive and you may be forced to leave the company.

3. Your capabilities cannot ensure your security

Many companies, when recruiting employees or making public announcements, say that our company focuses on employee abilities and advocates that employees can exert their own initiative. (some companies do advocate innovation, but few do, most of them are just slogans ). For new employees, there may be a mentality, that is, to show your talents and abilities to colleagues or leaders, but please note: the company or your leaders hope to see your loyalty first, instead of showing your abilities. No matter what your purpose is, this is not important. If you consistently show your abilities, your boss may think that you are a little smart and untrustworthy person, or he will feel the threat. If he thinks that you are threatening his position, he will not care how smart you are, he would rather have a stupid but loyal person.

Therefore, when you are new or new to a new department, you must be familiar with the environment and the character of your boss and colleagues, even if you are an expert, you must put your posture down first. Of course, it is necessary to show your abilities at critical moments so that others will feel that you are not hiding.

South Korea has a saying: "to make the marriage life happy, we have to be deaf for three years, dumb for three years, and blind for three years." Because our mother-in-law in South Korea was very abusive to her daughter-in-law, you must pretend to be deaf and mute before you can survive (of course, this is not the case now). I said this is the purpose of the new arrival, you should learn to be dumb, at the beginning, I had to listen to and learn more. I had to pretend to be deaf when I heard gossip.

4. The reimbursement form is a tool used by the company to test you.

You may wonder if you see this question? Can I test employees with a reimbursement form? Yes, we do not usually think that the reimbursement form is also a tool for companies or leaders to test you.

Most companies will have reimbursement at the end of the month (meal, transportation, telephone, etc.) or travel expenses, right?

Did you ask your lead to sign your reimbursement form? Or does he have any facial expressions? Please note that in most cases, the leaders will view your reimbursement amount, and the finance department can provide reimbursement details for each person at any time if they wish.

I have seen some greedy and cheap people in the company. The meal and transportation expenses are always charged for their own private expenses (rather than for the company's business). Maybe these fees are only 100 yuan, but it is the money that will break your future.

One of the bosses I know told me this sentence: "A Certain employee paid for the meal service one day, but I paid for it that day ." Maybe this employee is too keen.

However, some of the bosses I know also checked the time above your ticket and recorded the monthly expenses of each employee, maybe he won't say anything when you reimburse, But what you lose is not just money.

5. disclosing personal information at work is dangerous

At present, most of us spend too much time with our colleagues. Our time with our colleagues sometimes exceeds the time spent with our family members. This situation makes us sometimes confused about business and private affairs, sometimes I think that my relationship with my colleagues is like my relatives. I share my personal affairs with my colleagues, parenting problems, personal health problems, and financial difficulties. But remember, the workplace is the workplace. It is very dangerous for you to do so.

One of my colleagues often say at work that his son is in adolescence and describes how to rebel with us. Because of his rebellion, the atmosphere at home is tense every day when he comes home, he may want to reduce the pressure on his family, but recently the company started a major project and he always thought he was the best candidate for the project, but the result was surprising, why did the company's leadership select other candidates? Because the company's leadership thinks that "there are already enough things in his house, it is estimated that he has not implemented such an important project. "Or even more calmly, he said," You can't even solve your own affairs. Can you still take charge of such an important project?"

If you are not in good health, you do not need to tell your colleagues or superiors about your health. If your boss is unhealthy, it means you cannot invest a hundred percent or may affect your work, in this way, your boss will be upset, and he may even think of countermeasures or recruit others in advance. In this way, even if your body recovers, you may face an embarrassing situation of losing your position.

6. If you are against the boss, you will be evicted from the company.

There is a person in the company who has a great impact on you. Without his support, you cannot be recognized by the company, and it is difficult to promote or even lose your job, he is your boss.

Maybe your boss is not smart or competent, and you may not be convinced of him, but remember that he is like a hacker and you want to bypass the hacker, however, the final result is that you have also lost an open opportunity. Maybe you think that if you are competent enough, the company's leadership will let you bypass your boss and let you promote or give you another opportunity, but don't daydream, companies tend to think about the stability of an organization from the perspective of your boss. You are the only one who suffers 99% of injuries to your boss.

Maybe your boss is not as competent as you are, but since he is able to rise to that position, it means that he must have other capabilities, leadership or organizational management capabilities or loyalty to the company, when the boss conflicts with you, the company will stand on the side of your boss. Please remember this.

One of my colleagues is very competent. When he transfers to a new department, he finds that his boss is incapable at all and often cannot make decisions. In many cases, he bypasses his boss and communicates directly with the general manager, in addition, the general manager also recognized him in the business, which made him very proud to think that his strong supervisor could not take him, but once, the boss said that he had worked too hard, let him go to the Maldives for a vacation (company money). When he came back from the Maldives, he found that he was not in the company and sent a dispatch order to transfer him to an irrelevant department.

Therefore, no matter what kind of boss you meet, if you want to stay in this department or company, you need to cooperate with your boss so that he will open a door for you.

7. Have you pressed the send key? Stop ~~ Dangerous company emails

If I say that all the emails you send and receive via company email are seen by your boss, do you think the sky is falling down? If not, it means that you are very bright. In fact, many people do not know that the company or boss can see your email, and the company will never send a warning to employees, saying that they should pay attention to the e-mails of mutual exchanges, if you use a company email to send a private email to a friend, or use an email to talk to a colleague about the boss or company's policy, you must open your eyes and check whether your company email is dangerous.

(1) When you use a company email to send and receive emails, you must think that someone in the company is reading this email, because some companies check the mail content on a regular basis (of course they do not tell their employees). I don't know if the same is true for the company I previously worked, however, I have heard that some well-known international companies regularly check employees' emails.

(2) emails will always be on the company server: you may not know. Even if some emails are deleted after they are sent, you may not have them in your mailbox, the company Server Always records this email.

(3) When pressing the sending key, you must think twice: You may send an email to the personnel department or your boss to give some suggestions or make some comments on the company system, these emails will be used as evidence in important moments. In many cases, they are often not good for you.

In the company, I often receive some group-sent funny emails. If you send these emails to colleagues in the past, I suggest you do not send them again in the future. This is because you often send emails that make people think you have nothing to do all day. He or she may have forwarded these emails to some leaders. Maybe he is also trying to make the leaders funny and happy, but the leaders may not think so, in the eyes of the leaders, you will become idle people all day.

8. Will I receive a raise when I work hard? No, you must ask!

For wages, the company and employees can never achieve a win-win situation. Many people are not satisfied with their current salary. So what should we do? Wait for the company to give you a raise? Many people think that if I do my job well and I have made achievements, the company will definitely give me a raise. Yes, the company will give you a raise, ~~ The salary increase cannot meet your expectation.

I have seen many cases in the company. Many people imagine that the company will give me a raise when it comes, or fear that the boss will not come up with any ideas after I ask for them, but if you do not dare to raise your salary, the Company may give you an average or higher than the average salary, which is not what you expect.

Of course, if you want to ask for a raise, first you need to figure out your "value" and consider it from the company's perspective. If the company thinks that you do not have a "raise value, you will probably be laid off.

(1) prove your "value": if you do nothing in the company all day, the company will certainly not give you a raise, you must prove your "value" before asking ", make you an indispensable talent for the company.

(2) Requirement: As mentioned above, the company is thinking about how to cut costs every day. If you do not want the company to think this is a good thing, unless you have asked, the company will never voluntarily raise your salary. Don't think about a miracle someday. If you think you are valuable, ask. If your boss accepts you, he will listen to your words, and never let your boss become your enemy. At the end of the communication, we must emphasize that I still respect your decision, because sometimes the boss may be helpless for objective reasons.

(3) do not threaten your boss: If you want to stay in the company, do not threaten your boss when asking for a raise, for example, if you leave the company without a raise or lie to your boss and say that you have already taken the offer from another company, your position must be "I like this company and its current business, however, I think there is a gap between my current salary and my actual work. I hope my salary can reflect my value. "The result of your threat is that you may have to package and leave.

(4) Don't complain: even if the final result is not very good, such as not giving you a raise or adding a small portion, by taking the initiative, you may understand your shortcomings or the boss's views on you, and make the boss understand that you are not satisfied with the status quo. If you are not planning to leave the company, you need to make up for your shortcomings or improve your performance. The next time you use more intense facts to prove that this operation may fail, but you are not far from the next success.

I know that it is difficult to ask the boss for a raise because you are afraid that "if I ask for a raise, the boss will speculate on me or what will he do if he doesn't give me a good face in the future ?", But in most cases, the worst case you think is not happening, most of which are happyending. Even if there are some side effects, the company or the boss is very forgetful, because if the company owner is not your boss, the money is not out of his pocket, in a month or two, he will forget it.

I can tell you this for sure, because I have tried it.

9. A salary increase is required. What about promotion? No. You must keep your mouth safe ~~

Now that a salary increase is required, what about promotion? This is not a requirement. Once you apply for or request a promotion opportunity, it will lose hands with you. The promotion is not required, but given to you by your boss after careful consideration.

The boss has not been sure whether you can become a manager before you ask, it is like you do not go into the door, but want to skip the wall into the internal. If your boss is not sure that you are a leader, but you first mention it, he will feel that you are not mature or that you are more concerned about your own private interests than the company's interests.

In addition to performance and work ability, leaders will also examine many other abilities, such as leadership, organizational skills, and loyalty to the company when deciding on candidates for promotion, as a manager, you must be humble when you are calm and humble. Your suggestion in advance will damage your image.

Are you waiting? Of course not. You can take the initiative to take charge of important projects, and propose tricky projects to help other departments. You must seize the opportunity to show your superiors your abilities and enthusiasm.

10. actively cooperate with a new boss

Personnel changes often occur in current companies. In general, employees under the new boss will feel a little infiltrated by others, especially when you have a very good relationship with your former boss. But if you want to continue mixing up in the company, you should cooperate with your new boss as soon as possible to familiarize yourself with his work style.

In many cases, employees of New superiors expect new superiors to adapt to the original work style of the Department. However, this will not happen, and most new superiors will change their current work style, in this case, do not take the lead in conflict or provide comments. The so-called "new officers" are always on fire. What you need to do at this time is to actively cooperate with him. If other employees are not satisfied, you should turn around in the middle, in this way, the new boss will think that you are on his side. This first impression is especially important. At the same time, when your new boss arrives, you feel that the new boss does not understand the department, so you should give him some advice or suggestions, even if you are good for the new boss, do not give advice or suggestions. This is a taboo. If he asks you, you can say, ~~ In this case, try to tell the truth as much as possible. Do not involve your personal opinions or negative information. You need your boss to make decisions based on these facts. What's more, the new boss wants to test your loyalty and learn your true thoughts on the company or your colleagues. This is probably a trap.

One thing you should remember here is that it is a good opportunity for you to express yourself when your new boss comes to familiarize yourself with the business. Remember, let alone cooperate with your new boss, he will keep this in mind.

11. Want to be the most valuable employee in the company? Then you must stop saying "I can't do it" and take the initiative to ask for help.

Does everyone want to be the company's MVP? You must stop saying "I can't do it" and take the initiative to ask for help. Do you say "I did not do this, I can't do this. "or" I don't have time for this now ".

Even if you think this task is a little difficult for you, you think you may not be able to complete it. In this case, many people may say, "I can't do it." Never do this. in fact, if a leader assigns this task to you, he must have considered your abilities. In addition, even if this task is not done well, he may have a back path. (generally, the leaders won't arrange for you very much, and if you screw up, there is no way to do it.) in this case, even if you do not do well enough, you may not lose anything, at this time, your attitude should be "This is difficult for me to do, but I will try it ". then you have to work overtime all night or make full effort to solve the problem. if you find that your current capabilities cannot be completed, you must submit the answers to the leaders before deadline (do not submit answers with low levels of completion on the last day, A leader hates such a person most. This gives him more time to modify.

If you habitually say "I can't do it", after a while, he will think that "you must say you can't do it for your task", so you simply don't assign a task to you.

If there are projects or tasks that everyone in your department does not want to do, if you ask your supervisor to accept this "hot potato", the leaders will give you a very good comments, of course, this kind of hot potato does not need too much, as long as one can.

12. Want to stand out from the crowd? 150% satisfaction for leaders

The secret to success in the workplace is not just what leaders want you to do ,. If you only follow the instructions of the leadership by 100%, you will never stand out. When a company leads the tasks assigned to you, you must keep an eye on it. In addition to the tasks assigned by the company, you can give your suggestions or suggestions for improvement, in addition, the degree of completion cannot be 100%, but 150%.

A very important strategy of Hillary Clinton's strategy in "being a woman like Hillary Clinton" is: "200% of satisfaction is felt for the people who hire me or who accept the services I provide". In this way, Hillary has a higher goal.

Many people think that you only need to do the task assigned by the leadership to satisfy your leadership by 100% and do your own tasks. However, if you do so, you will never be able to mix well in the workplace.

13. Does your company allow freedom of speech? No freedom of speech in the workplace

Maybe when you go to work on the first day, the people in the personnel department will be very open to you in our company, and the general manager will say "everyone can speak freely, I will try my best to satisfy your requirements and try my best to solve your suggestions. "Do not fall into this trap. Most of the time, companies do not have freedom of speech, especially when you say true thoughts about the company's policies, environments, or systems, and publicly oppose the company's policy and system, the company will regard you as the reverse school that affects the company's atmosphere. They think you are very dangerous, so they will let you package and leave in some ways.

I don't know if some really open companies have freedom of speech, but the version I see is that the general manager will let them speak freely whenever they talk to their employees, but when they say what they really think, he immediately lost the company's trust.

Another point is that I often see some people talking to colleagues or friends in the elevator about the affairs in the company. This is a very unprofessional behavior, no matter whether you are in an elevator in your office or in a customer's company elevator, the person who takes the elevator with you may be a friend of your boss, an important customer. You can praise the company, but do not say anything that is opposed or dissatisfied in the elevator. Otherwise, you will not know why you died so quickly.

14. Is your desk professional?

At present, most foreign companies use a small grid of desks. Maybe you think my desk is a private place, and you can put anything you want, but please note, the desk is also a place that shows your value, so you need to make your desk professional.

What kind of desk is specialized?

(1) it cannot be too messy. I saw a lot of people in the company have messy desks and various files there. If it is too messy, it is easy to give others an unorganized impression of their work.

(2) it cannot be too neat. If nothing is too neat on your desk, others will think you have nothing to do.

(3) There cannot be too many decorations. Now I am pursuing my personality in the post 80 s. There are all kinds of things on my desk. One of my colleagues can think of my desk as a gift shop. There are all kinds of dolls and other things, maybe I think this is very creative, but others are talking about her behind the scenes.

(4) books that are irrelevant to the business or do not conform to your tone should never be placed in a visible place.

In general, I think you can put your documents or materials on the table during the day, but you must organize them when you get off work. The important materials must be put in the drawer (preferably locked ), this shows that you are very professional. In real life, some bosses are used to turning around after work to look at their desks. One is to see if your desk is open with any important company information, the second is to look at your recent movements through the things on your desk (if there are eight ways on your desk to teach you how to find a job, so you have a job-hopping plan, right? ^)

15. Why is the performance appraisal result inconsistent with your performance? Performance also needs to be publicized

Most companies perform one to two (or four) performance assessments each year. The performance appraisal results will affect your bonuses/promotions, however, many employees find that the performance appraisal result is completely different from what they think. Why? Your subjective judgment in performance appraisal is not important at all. What matters is how your boss judges your performance. If you talk about data, such as sales, it may be better, but the work we do may not have specific data to support, in this case, you should also publicize your performance.

I have seen that many people do not communicate with their superiors at ordinary times. However, if they are not satisfied with the assessment results by the end of the year, they will be dissatisfied with their superiors. This practice cannot be changed. What you need to do is

(1) Regular communication with your boss: it is very important to communicate with your boss regularly, because through such communication, you can let your boss know what you are doing, at the same time, you can understand what your boss thinks and what you expect. Doing things according to your own standards is untenable in the company. If you want to get a good performance rating, you must meet your boss's expectations and standards.

(2) publicize your performance: You will certainly ask how to publicize your performance? Isn't my boss watching it all? However, in many cases, the boss does not know what you do. No matter how hard you work, it is useless if the boss does not know, therefore, when necessary, make sure to CC the progress of some work to the boss, or I usually take regular measures to list the work I am doing and give a detailed description of the situation to the boss, when performing performance appraisal, the boss can refer to these written items.

(3) Even if your boss gives you a bad comment, you cannot reveal your dissatisfaction. The boss must have his reasons for doing so, and he has the right to give you bad comments. What you need to do is to let your boss speak out his opinions. You should make corrections based on your boss's opinions, because you are obligated to cater to your boss's work style and work style, who makes him your boss?

16. Are you a "good person" in the company "? If you just favor others, you will lose the respect of others.

Every company has good people. They smile at everyone and do not say "no" to everyone's requirements ". If you are a new employee in the company, you may want to gain the trust of other colleagues at the beginning and need to favor others. Of course, this is what you need, but please do not confuse "modest, upright attitude" and "good people without your own opinions ". If you blindly favor others without their own opinions, you will lose their respect for you, and others will regard you as a blank bottle without real knowledge at work.

I know this is easy to say and it is difficult to do. Sometimes it is a matter of thankfulness. But if you think your thoughts are correct in the face of important things or important businesses, you should stick to it, you must have your own opinions instead of agreeing to others' opinions.

I used to hear from my friends that there was a person in their company who said yes to anyone who asked him about him. As a result, all the chores in the company were shared with him, he is busy all day for these things, but others will laugh at him later. When I heard it, I thought, how did his colleagues do this? However, it is estimated that all these things are self-defeating. If you think that the job is not suitable, ask for it, or give the correct opinion on the job, you should give it up. You cannot be a "good person ", how to master these two levels depends on the individual's environment or personality. ^

17. Do not hide your mistakes

We will inevitably make some mistakes in our work. Everyone has a mentality, that is, to hide their mistakes if others do not know. However, please note that if your mistakes involve your department or your boss, you must not hide them, because many times hiding your mistakes leads to greater mistakes, in this case, even if you make a very low-level mistake, you must inform the Department Director or related personnel.

When I first started my work, I made this mistake. When I first started my business planning, I made a lot of changes, because my boss and I had a lot of back and forth versions, so after I finally sent the final version to my boss, I found that some numbers were wrong, because I was in charge of the planning and didn't want others to know my negligence, So I secretly changed these numbers, the next day, my boss and the boss will print out the materials for the meeting. The next day, when I handed the printed materials to my boss, his boss glanced at them and saw the numbers, so he was furious. He got angry not because I made a mistake, because everyone would inevitably make a mistake. The problem was that I wanted to Secretly hide this mistake and did not consider my boss's position. If he didn't find this at the time, he would find it when reporting it to the boss. The boss was also impressed with the data (because the information was sent to the boss in advance ), but what will happen if he cannot justify himself.

This incident has inspired me a lot. I am not saying that all mistakes should be made public. If this case does not involve others, you will solve it by yourself, and you will not need to make public. However, if this mistake affects your boss or organization, you must inform them in advance and find a solution. Everyone will make mistakes. If you handle your mistakes very responsibly, it will not embarrass you, but it will give you extra points, because the leaders think you are honest and responsible. However, please note that you cannot make the same mistake again in the past.

18. Are you on sick leave or maternity leave? You need to pay attention to it.

Sick leave and maternity leave are a good welfare system. Recently, we found that many people are pregnant in the company. Most people think that the statutory "sick leave or maternity leave" is the right to be strictly protected by law, however, you must note that this may put you in a dilemma. Of course, when you take long-term sick leave (Statutory), maternity leave, and breastfeeding, the company cannot dismiss you, but if you do not handle well during this period, after this period, you will be blacklisted. Because the number of employees in the company is basically fixed, once you take a few months off, your work will be assigned to others or the company will require additional recruitment during this period, after a few months, when you come back, it is likely that you have no position or want to do your work.

So how can we prevent this situation?

(1) continuous contact with the company during the holidays, especially with your boss: I know it should be difficult for people who have just given birth to a child to take maternity leave, because there are too many things to worry about, however, I still hope that you can regularly contact your boss or colleagues about your work or provide some suggestions if you have any important projects, you must have your boss.

(2) be sure to keep pace with the times and never lose the "Business feeling ". When we learn a foreign language, the language sense is very important, but once you put it for a long time, you will have no sense of language, so that your entire foreign language level will decline. The same is true for jobs. You must maintain the "Business feeling" of your business ", if you can, check the relevant information at home (of course, when your body permits it), because once you go to work, the company or boss will "Observe" you for a while, check whether your work ability or efficiency is the same as before.

One of my friends's colleagues is that they are in a bad state after they have just given birth to a child to work. In fact, this is quite excited because the child's mental state is not very good at night and will definitely affect the day's work. However, the company cannot accept that she cannot concentrate on her work. After one month of maternity leave, her boss will not work for her, in addition, she gradually assigned her hands to others. In the end, the colleague resigned after being unable to stand up for nothing. This may be what the company is willing to do. If she did not take the initiative to resign, it is estimated that the company will cut her for various reasons after breastfeeding.

19. The labor law cannot protect you

Many may think that the labor law will protect us with the improvement of the law, especially the revision of the labor contract law, but do not have fantasies about the Labor Law. It cannot protect us. Because the company's personnel department or external personnel agencies cleverly bypass the law to protect the company's interests.

For example, if the new Labor Contract Law stipulates that a laborer has one of the following circumstances, the employer may terminate the labor contract, for example, "a serious violation of the rules and regulations of the employer ", the rules and regulations of employers are very diverse. When our company used to develop a "employee manual, we can see more than 100 pieces of work discipline are listed here ^ almost everything you think of or did not expect is listed. If the company wants to quit you, it's very easy, among these many entries, it will certainly apply to you.

In addition, companies generally want to take measures to allow you to "voluntarily resign". For example, the boss often assigns you tasks that you cannot complete, or your boss's attitude towards you is so cold that you can't bear it. You can move your desk to a very bad position and give you a short deadline to complete a task that is impossible at all, give you a very low rating. If there is such a sign, you should consider your career plans and make plans.

20. Winning is the truth.

After talking about this, you may feel a fear for the younger siblings who are about to enter the society or just entering the society, and think about how the company works like this. Maybe this is not suitable for all companies, because I have met good companies and good bosses.

But if you are not afraid of 10 thousand, I hope everyone will be prepared in advance to protect their own weapons and bypass these traps. If you have talent, you must make full use of it and let others know, and let them open a door for you.

Our life is like a gamble, and the workplace is a gamble. You can choose your cards to decide whether to win or lose.

It is not wise to wait for the sky to fall in the workplace. You should actively take the initiative, learn to gamble, and learn to reverse the situation, because winning is the final truth.

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