This car has covered free WiFi

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Last week in front, the homepage specially downloaded several movies. Even before walking to complete the download task, it was pushed up for 10 minutes. Between the wireless network and the coachman, in fact, I chose the former.

It's really scary and daring, you know. Other people may not be able to buy a trip.

Fortunately, the. Speed still gives force. I didn't take 1.5 hours to download a complete mission to the station.

Fortunately, not yet drive. Got on the bus. Regardless, take out the cell phone and start to see the film.

Although this trip is the banner of the test, but it is really a naked test again.

Also is a small vacation, experience under Sister's life.

Download good resources looks very cool, no ads, no lag.

Tired of watching. Just a nap. Or something to eat, and a long drive is not that boring.

Just Carsick's problem has not changed, the last bump is really uncomfortable, closed eyes out a cold sweat. The end is still endure.

Here, I also found a major news.

That's the one that's been blocked by the car blinds. "This car has free wifi." Pity. The journey is only for the last half hour, and. The body was still uncomfortable and could not make full use of the wireless network in the car.

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If I had known, I would have been able to take a few more movies in the car and have a good chat on the way.

and "Now". I can only tremble trembling to take out the phone to open. Report sister, I'm almost there, let her pick me up. I can only stare at the sign and hate my teeth.

Get off, catch a bus, a car on the car, and really found that the bus also covered WiFi . Had to sigh. This small city is also fast becoming a WiFi city.

The two stops are still too short. I still have no chance to really experience the speed in the car.

I came up with a meeting of my sister who had been missing for months. Because she's always telling me there's no Wi-Fi, okay, so I'm going to answer her. "The next time the phone has no traffic." You'll be able to take a bus of your own. It's OK to sit back and forth several times. "

It's a joke, but it's also a bit true. Friends who don't have WiFi in their daily life. Maybe one months of use of mobile phone traffic is also a hundred trillion!

And I'm only a few, and the end of the month is still most used. In addition to my passion for social apps and games, I also enjoy watching videos and learning about news. Just, I almost have wireless network accompanying, also need not so much traffic expense.

Of course, there is a loft to get. You have to have a little broadband in your home. Then install the router or install the WiFi Sharing wizard on your laptop. can achieve the same effect, that is, to share the wireless network. Reluctant to share the money. You can also take the risk of installing the WiFi sharing Genie ( on your office notebook. I believe that eight or nine hours a day is enough to accompany you. There are also assumptions about desktops. Then you can choose the "wireless card +wifi Sharing Wizard" combination or other portable WiFi, I do not spend much money. Just the best hidden hotspots, in order to avoid being found by the boss.

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This car has covered free WiFi

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