This copy of Windows is not a workaround for genuine Win7 build 7601

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Since the computer installed on the Win7 system, from time to time, there are problems, and sometimes after the computer boot, the desktop is dark, nothing, the desktop of the bottom right pop-up prompt said "Win7 internal version 7601, this copy of Windows is not genuine", has not seen the computer will appear this prompt, I don't know what to do at a sudden. Online to find a variety of methods to solve the computer prompts this copy of Windows is not genuine problems, but also tried a lot of methods, in order to avoid everyone detours, solid system of the small part of the Holy Land to test the copy of this Windows is not a genuine solution to tell everyone.

  Why does the computer prompt "This copy of Windows is not genuine":

This is usually the case with computers, 99% due to the fact that the user has loaded the Windows7 piracy system and verified the authenticity. At the same time, the user checked in Windows Update in the Control Panel or the system by default automatically check and install the update, resulting in the Windows System Anti-piracy patch (KB971033), so that a black screen after the boot and windows7 build 7601, The copy is not genuine and other words. So it is because you installed the system is not genuine to cause, know the reason, we say the solution.

This copy of Windows is not a genuine workaround:

Workaround One:

1, click on the bottom left corner of the computer, open the Win7 system's Start menu, or press the win icon key on the keyboard, next to the CTRL key, and then click All Programs;

2, open all the programs in the attachment, find the command prompt, and then right-click Command prompt, the administrator to obtain ownership;

3, after the command prompt opens, enter "slmgr-rearm" command, press OK;

4. After the execution of the command is completed, the Win7 system can be activated briefly for a period of 4 months.

This method is only a short time to solve this copy of Windows is not a genuine problem, but after 4 months will still appear the same problem, after the system Holy Land small dozens of hours of verification, and the use of 30 different brands of computers, got the final solution, called patch verification method.

Workaround Two:

1, click Start, in the "Control Panel", find the "Windows Update" option, in the left-most menu bar click on the "Change settings" option, the "Important update" to "Never check for updates (not recommended)."

2, click Start, in the "Control Panel", find the "programs and Features" option, in the "Programs and Features" dialog box, in the left-most menu bar, click "View installed Updates", in the upper right of the search bar, enter KB971033, found in the results column below, click the right mouse button, click Uninstall. When you are finished, restart your computer.

3, search "windows7 master " in the system Holy Land, download and install the software (:

4, find "System settings" in the Software interface, click "30 days Authentic experience" in the bottom left corner. (different version, the expression is different, select the closest to) to the system automatically restart, you will find that the black screen disappears, the system is back to normal.

5, find the "Pony Activation Tool (OEM9) official version" in the system Holy Land, and download (:

6, Will pony software open (sometimes need to unzip open), check the BIOS activation, go through the program, click Experience Genuine, after completion, click "OK", the system will automatically restart. (Some ponies activate only a genuine verification button, click on it)

7, uninstall "Windows7" Optimization master. Complete all steps.

Verification: Right click on the "Computer", select the properties, you will find that Windows7 also restored genuine authentication.

Solution Three: The fastest, most direct and most effective

Since the computer is the main reason for this prompt is because there is no genuine Win7 system installed, then we activate the Win7 system, you can use the windows7 Activation Tool Permanent version (: Http:// /show-5526.html) to activate. This activates the Win7 system is genuine, I believe that will never appear this Windows copy is not genuine prompt pull.

 Conclusion: The above three methods can resolve this copy of Windows is not genuine prompt, in fact, to activate Win7 There are many ways, with activation key also line, the best solution is to directly and permanently activate the Win7 system, support the genuine, resist piracy.

This copy of Windows is not a workaround for genuine Win7 build 7601

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