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Foreword: This article is written in the end of 2011, published in the company's internal magazine, because it involves some innovative design, has not been published online. But it has now been allowed by the company. I'll just put him up for the first time. Because of the stylistic requirements of the journal papers, I have also cited some other books, but most of the content is original.

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When a star dies, the last energy he accumulates will be spilled into the universe, illuminating everything in the Milky Way. The death of Steve Jobs, like a star dying, makes it hard to think that the last energy he accumulated was so huge that it swept the world, and even people like me who had never used Apple products in China were deeply impressed by Apple's products and ideas.

If you know about Apple, the question is what is Apple's secret to success? What is the basis for the evolution of the imac computer? What are the reasons for the birth of the ipod, the iphone, the ipad? What is the future of Apple products in the past 30 years?

I think there's only one answer to all of these questions--pushing the user experience to the extreme!

Although the user experience is a new discipline that has just arisen in recent years, the user experience has already existed from the beginning of human being, but it is just like dark matter, and it has only gradually entered into people's vision until today. When you start to focus on it, you realize that the user experience is everywhere.

A daily example, perhaps many people have this experience. When you wake up the sun has been in your window, you look at your alarm clock, time is 3:43 minutes, you stumbled into another table, it tells you that if you want to work on time, you must go out in 10 minutes.

You burst into the bathroom and turned on the faucet and found only cold water. No time to think about it, rinse your mouth and go straight out.

Rushed to the subway station in front of the automatic ticketing machine, you find that you do not know how, the ticket machine how can not recognize your card, no way you have to queue to buy tickets, and the conductor is slow one by one reception in front of you people.

Finally came to the company, press the elevator switch, you see the elevator from the 8 floor to 4 floor after the stop, and another elevator although no one to use, but no matter how you press, it is parked on the 8 floor, not to pick you up.

So despite your efforts, but you are still late, you are full of complaints, grievances, anger, do not know who to vent, in short this day is terrible.

It was a really bad day, and now let's go back and take a closer look at whether these unfortunate things can be avoided.

Elevator: He was designed to be two elevators controlled by a group of buttons, so when an elevator receives a command from the 8 floor down, if there happens to be someone on the 4 floor downstairs, it will not start another elevator. You only have to wait for the 4 floor to slow down.

Cash registers: The team in front of the ticket window moves slowly, because the cash register is designed too complex, it is easy to confuse people, register money must focus on the full attention to operate, otherwise it is easy to make mistakes, and then have to come back, if the cash register design more simple answer, the button layout color is different, There will not be such a long team.

Card reader: If the card reader can recognize your cards, you do not have to go to the ticket window queue. In fact, you just put the card into the turn, the card reader can be read out. However, the card reader does not have any tips to tell you how to card, you were too worried, so did not expect to turn the card into a height.

Water heater: You did put the power on the water heater last night, especially in winter, which is really necessary. But this water heater before heating, you have to click the "Open" button, when you press this button, the water heater is designed to show that there is no phenomenon that he was opened, no lights, no sound, even the resistance to press down. In fact, if you can set it, let the water heater start automatically 1 hours before you get up every day, this problem can be avoided. Of course, if you are lucky enough to know that there is such a function.

Alarm Clock: Now, let's take a look at the main culprit of this series of bad luck-the alarm clock. The alarm didn't go off because you were wrong about the time, but when you got up at night and went to the bathroom, you accidentally touched him and changed the time. If he's designed to take this into account, you can get up on time and you don't have to rush.

All in all, if people are designing these products or services, consider more, and the series of unlucky things mentioned above can be avoided. These examples show that our focus on the user experience is really too little. This factor is precisely the key factor in determining the success or failure of a product.

Every product that people use has a user experience, a teacup, a pen, an electronic watch, a book, a car, and of course software. No matter what the product, the user experience is always reflected in the subtle, but it is very important. It doesn't seem to matter if the light on the button is pressed, but if the light determines whether you can take a hot bath, then he becomes critical. Even if you never realize that the failure design of this button has caused you trouble, you can think about it, what is your impression of a good and bad water heater? What's the impression of his manufacturer? Will you buy any more of his products? The water heater manufacturer loses a customer simply because one button has no light.

Let's give an example of a network of software products. About 2 years ago, almost everyone had such a bad experience when they registered with a website user, a lengthy form, you need to fill in the username, password, mobile phone number, landline number, email, password question, password hint answer, referrer ID, and a code that is always difficult to identify the crooked. The worst thing about this is that all of these things have to be filled out, and if you want to try typing a 123 in the phone number, I'm sorry, but he'll also tell you that the phone number is not in the correct format. If you happen to not have a landline phone, it will be even more troublesome.

When you finally fill out the Pit long form, click Submit, the page jumps to a error prompt page, Big red Word tells you, the verification code input error. And you click the "re-fill", and then back to the registration page, found that you have just completed the information is missing, you have to come again. When you have the patience to submit the registration information again, and came to the error message page, the big red Word tells you that your application username already exists.

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