This is enough for Android (open source project, material design backwards compatibility)

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    1. "Google IO Conference held at the end of the Android 6.0 rumors Summary": Google Developer (Google I/O) conference confirmed to be held in San Francisco on May 28, is now very close to the opening of the Conference. Google has left some tempting clues to the conference that it will officially debut the next version of Android M in the General Assembly of the Android operating system. "M" refers to which word we do not know, as the previous version "L" needs to be released after the official version of Google will be further launched.
    2. "Teach you how to make Android Wear smart watch compatible iOS system": Maybe the future Android Wear system smart watch may be officially compatible with iOS system, but it seems to be a bit of patience to wait until this day. So if you happen to be an iphone user and don't like Apple Watch and buy an Android Wear system smart watch, there's a way to make your smart watch connect to the iphone across platforms.
    3. Google gives 20 Google Play notes: For developers, everyone wants their apps to get more exposure on Google Play, so Google has recently offered 10 ways to improve the app's exposure on Google Play, for example. and 10 kinds of taboo behaviors that Google Play doesn't like.


  1. "Leakcanary: Let the memory leak no hiding": Recently square Open source A memory leak automatic detection artifact--leakcanary, it is an Android and Java memory Leak detection library, can greatly reduce the development of the oom problems encountered, for developers , is undoubtedly a boon, developers can use a refwatcher to observe when the reference should be GC, Tanjan can also make a variety of custom configurations.
  2. "Material design Adaptation" with the popularity of Material design, many developers will face the app's Material adaptation. If you are upgrading from AppCompat V7 to V21 (or later), you will inevitably face a different way of using it than before, and it is also necessary to understand the new way. This article describes how to adapt your program to the material design style, and the author has now updated two articles.
  3. Detect startup and shutdown of Android apps: when developing an Android app, we inevitably need to detect when the app is running in the foreground and when the user leaves. It is not difficult to detect when the user first launches, but it is not easy to turn it back on or off. While we can do this through the life cycle approach provided by Android, in many cases it is not a perfect solution to our needs. This article shows a technique to solve the above problem.
  4. Android Development Artifact--jsoup: Jsoup is a well-known third-party class library in Android application development, which is mainly used to manipulate HTML files to get the data the user needs. This technology is mainly by obtaining the URL address, HTML format text content to parse. It also provides a very sophisticated API interface specification that allows developers to simply invoke the appropriate interface in the program. In particular, Jsoup's powerful selector allows users to easily access data by accessing the node name or an ID in an HTML element. This paper mainly explains the advantages of Jsoup in Android application development, and how to analyze the Baidu News network as an opportunity, and then introduces the use method of Jsoup. The project address is here.
  5. "Improving Gradle Performance": Android studio should be the best Android development tool, but the tool also has some pain points that we can't stand, compile time too long should be the first pain point. This article gives some suggestions for improving the performance of Gradle, which I believe will help the students who use Android studio.
  6. "Free hands--android Automation test": Each software before the release will be a lot of testing, software testing, to determine whether the software meets the design requirements or whether there are bugs. It can be said that testing determines the quality of the software. Automated testing is the process of converting human-driven test behavior into machine execution, saving labor costs and finding bugs that are hard to detect manually. Of course, automation can also be used to develop debugging, to complete a number of tedious steps.
  7. "Android Face recognition--how old test your age and gender": this time Microsoft's HowOldRobot Test age site is very hot. The development of the students should know that this software is mainly the use of face recognition technology, so we can use the third-party face Recognition SDK to develop a similar application. This article realizes a complete face recognition app, and provides the source code.
  8. "Android foldinglayout Folding Layout principle and implementation": Foldinglaout is an open source project on GitHub, which realizes the view folding effect. This article analyzes the basic principles of foldinglayout, how you are not a master, you can learn how to analyze a good open source project.

Open Source Projects

    1. Stickerview: The project is a domestic developer Sam submitted by the Open source project, to achieve the image sticker effect, provide rotation, movement, zoom and other functions. Here is an introduction to the project.
    2. Ninja:ninja is an open source project that opens Web pages in the background. Our app often has some web links, users sometimes want to let the link in the background to run, after reading the content of the current page and then to see the content of the page, Ninja is for the function, the perfect implementation of the background load page function.
    3. Awesome-materialdesign: The project collects a large number of material design-style resource class libraries that can be used to implement material design effects well in systems under 5.0.


    1. A tool that allows your app (Android and iOS) to run directly on the Web, a powerful feeling that you can try.

This is enough for Android (open source project, material design backwards compatibility)

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