This is how I treat a woman who once betrayed me!

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Question: this is how I treat a woman who once betrayed me!
Mail station: Nanjing University Lily station (Wed Oct 27 23:08:00 2004)

Recently, I have seen stories about women who are willing to share their responsibilities with men on the Internet,
I feel wronged for them! Yes, I think things all night long. A woman with all kinds of care is put around by others in a twinkling of an eye.
What hurts in my heart really cannot be said .....

This is because I have had such experiences! However, we can learn from the ending!
All said the love in college is pure and sincere! That's what I used to think! I have always recognized her before.

At the beginning, I thought she was a stupid, simple girl who grew up favored by people around me! Occasional encounter, to phase
Know, then fall in love! Everything is so natural! I also get the envy of my friends! I really think of her as a new baby.
Treasure cares, and everything is centered on her, pet her! If she wants to play, I will play with her. If she gets angry, I will let her vent.
I will accompany her when I want to go crazy! All I do is hope she will be happy! I also told her what she did
I am always with her!

At that time, we had dinner, studied, and went shopping together. I took her to the basketball court to teach her to dance and dance. She
Then I held my neck and looked up and said, "You treat me well !" "I also know that I am very nice to you.
But this is what I should do !" Then we hugged together ......

What we thought at the time was that if we continue like this, we may have a result! At least I will never betray her! Indeed
I have never betrayed her! But ......

After a long summer vacation, we sent a text message every day to talk about our love affair! I don't feel like we will
What's wrong! She asked me what I was doing. I said I was watching TV. I asked her what she was doing. She said she was surfing the Internet. She said she wouldn't watch too much.
Long time, careful eyes, I said you too!

During the summer vacation, I took her to the station for the first time. When I hugged her, she gave up. I asked why, she
He smiled awkwardly: "I haven't seen it for two months. I'm not used to it !"

She is always fond of chaos on campus. I used to use men's cars, and I bought a pretty female car for her.
! When I bought a car, I asked her to pick it with me. She said she was a little busy over the past few days and said that as long as I like it, I can do it! Hi!
She will also like it!

The third day I bought her a car. It was very early that day. She asked me to ride a bicycle to pick her up in their dormitory and said a friend was about to come.
Look at her and ask me to send her a piece. I asked if I could accompany her. She said no, and said that it would be inconvenient for me to get two girls together.
Of! I don't want her to work hard either. I used a car to pick her up and sent her to the place she was going to. She told me her friend that she hadn't arrived yet,
Let me go first. I will go first!

After I leave, I receive her text message. She says she hasn't met her friend for a long time. She wants to have a good chat. If I'm okay, don't send a text message to her.
Now! I replied that I knew it!

At noon, the weather suddenly changed and it was raining. I was afraid that she would not bring her umbrella, but it was raining. I sent a text message asking where she was?
After a long time, she replied, "It's okay. I'm shopping !" I asked if I would like to deliver my umbrella. I 've been here for a long time.
No, I called her and she didn't answer her phone. I thought she had something to do, and she never answered! I'm in a hurry,
At that time, I was really afraid of what happened to her. After a long time, she replied to me: "I'm not saying it's okay, don't call me ."
Now, I am going shopping with my friends. I don't have time to talk to you !"

I think it's a bit confusing to see such a text message. We never did it before.
This is what happened to her! So I called her and wanted to know what happened. I tried to call her once and never answered.
My text message is not returned, but after I sent a message that cares about her for dozens of times, she replied. You're so annoying!

Looking at that sentence, I felt shocked and intuitively told me what would happen between us. Maybe she didn't go to see her.
What's your friend! I called their dormitory that night and couldn't find her!

At that moment, I was really sad! I can't find any reason. For any reason, why is she doing this! Although when
I have not confirmed what happened, but my hunch makes me sad! I don't know the truth.

The next day, I called her early in the morning. She still won't go back! I even beat dozens of them, and she hung up! At noon, she said yes.
Talk to me! I went! She said let's break up! My hunch made me prepared, so I didn't know it at all.
What a sudden blow! Why? First, she said a lot of things. We don't have the right things.
We don't have the same personality, so we are too dull together! But I do not believe this is the real reason! Later, she talked about me.
I began to feel angry with her attitude! He mentioned that I was always dull when I was with her.
She didn't bring her to a ballroom bar or something. I was surprised when she said that, and I really felt like we
They have really changed! I just said that we are still students, and we are not in those places!

Later, I told her something I guessed from my hunch! She was surprised and finally told the truth! She told me
She met a netizen during the summer vacation and they had a chat. She said that she knew her very well and appreciated her psychology! From
Never met anyone who knows her like this! They met each other yesterday and they felt good about each other! She promised that
The boy broke up with me! I know that she is telling the truth and what happened! But at the same time, I
Feel something!

Apparently, she betrayed me, our feelings, and our old vows! But at that time, I was really
No, maybe I have tried my best and should not be sad. Maybe I don't think it's worth it.
Maybe I have a hunch that she will be back soon!

When I left, I kissed her and gave her a hug and said, "I will wait for the day when you change your mind!
"I only remember that she was asking me to have a good time. Don't wait for her. We're done! She spoke very well.
Yes! I smiled at her and left! I don't know why I laughed at her!

You have to admire my intuition. On the third day after she broke up with me, she called me again and told me something!
In the days when I separated from her, I also thought about a lot of things. After all, people are emotional animals, and I paid for real feelings!
The only thing you can't think of is that one person can change anything! I don't feel sad for her. I think it's not worth it if she can do this to me.
I am sad for her. Why did she hurt me and find guilt for herself!

She asked me to go to our past appointment. When I went there, she was waiting for me! She was surprised to see me,
Maybe I'm not as decadent and dejected as she thinks, or so spirited! But she looks a lot worn out.
! But I know that she is not jealous of me! Sitting there with her side by side, without saying anything at first. After a while,
She suddenly cried! When she cried in front of me, I always put her in my arms to comfort her, but that day
I don't know. I don't feel bad. I don't feel sorry when I see her crying so sad! I think she is
I hope I can hold her, so that I can climb into my arms and cry, but I don't have it!

After a long time, she told me what happened and said that no one really liked her .... Later, she asked me one.
"You said you would wait for me to change my mind. Can you accept me ?" My friend once told me that
When you are cheap, you will accompany her! I have said that I will always be with her for what she does! What can I do?

I don't know. What would you do at the time! I have summarized three situations:

The first type is
I was glad to hug her and told her excitedly that she was so happy to be back that we could forget everything we had before.
, Start from new! This kind of man we generally call sb;

The second is to tell her angrily that she will never forget to do it.
Never forgive her, and then she leaves, leaving her alone. Although such a person has
Personality, but it's just a DB!

There is another kind of person who will be the same as the first kind. He is very pleased to hug her and is very excited.
She told her that she was so happy to be back. We could forget everything we had before and start over! Last but not least
In the future, I will be better to you! This is what we usually call Nb!

I really don't know what a woman wants to do with a man who really loves her. When I betray, I don't want to talk about leaving.
A few drops of tears will come again! The true feelings don't mean to come, but to leave! Let's talk about it.
If you leave, it's not a real feeling! I used to be so nice to you, but you say it changes.
People who have been feeling for more than a year have put me down, and now people don't want you, and you say you want to come back to me and take me
What should I do? Of course, I just thought so, but I didn't say that!

I don't want to do sb. I Don't Want To Be As DB as the second type of person. I only know that people later said that I handled this very well!

At that time, I was very pleased to hug her and told her that we could forget all the previous ones and start from scratch! And then help her get an eye
Tears have dried up! She gently cuddling in my arms, weeping, coqueting with me, thought we were back to the past, but did not
I have no eyes in my eyes!

When a friend says that a woman is cheap, you will be so cool with her! I still think so now. If she had followed me like this
Now, I will not treat her like this. She will be happy now and will not be as miserable as it is now!

Here, you may think that I used some means to retaliate against her. The average person may do this! But I don't want
The average person is the same! On the contrary, when she came back, I had nothing to do with it, but I still treated her as before,
Even better!

It is not easy to really love someone, but it is easy to pretend that you love someone! I am better at her than she imagined,
After all, she betrayed me. Now I don't blame her, but it is better for her. She is very guilty! And trust me!

After a period of effort, I know that she can no longer leave me, and I have already integrated into her life.
Part of her life or life!

I think it's time for my performance! In fact, I didn't want to hurt her like this, but she was so bad! No
Blame me! I wouldn't have done that if she could change it! I was trying to change or terminate my plan in the middle.
But she later secretly carried me back to meet netizens. Although I was not angry, she insisted that I had to complete my personal plan.

After a lot of time, I was sure that she could no longer be without me! At this time, I don't have to do anything to her. Instead
She is very nice to me. in front of my friends, what do I do if I ask her to do it? I am very virtuous. My classmates all say that I am in the modern society.
It's really rare to find a strange girl from three to four in the meeting! However, when she does nothing to make me forget what she betrayed me
What you do! So she can't touch me any better than me, and sometimes it's disgusting!

She has changed a lot, but since the moment she betrayed me, I have no longer loved her, and I will be afraid of it when I am with her.
I am bored, or I have never taken it seriously for fun!

Then I played a break-up game with her. Every time she burst into tears and was heartbroken, I joined her again.
Again and again, she is more sad than once! Sometimes I think it's too much! Look at her crying
She is very sympathetic, but not distressed!

After many times of splitting, she began to fear me, be afraid of quarreling with me, be afraid of breaking up with me, and sometimes look at me.
God will apologize to me if she doesn't! She said, I am afraid I am angry, I am afraid I will be angry, I really leave her ......

This is how we continue to graduate! During this period, I always treated her as a doll, a tool to entertain me and treat her
No feelings! After graduation, we went to different cities and their respective jobs! I'm also tired.
I don't want to go on like this anymore. I said I broke up with her three days before my current girlfriend came to see me! She still does not
Believe it! I often send text messages and make phone calls!

I told her that my breakup with her is related to what she did in the past! She said she regretted it. She said she really loves me now!
I said I know, and I believe it, but I knew it was going to happen today. Why did it happen?

Yesterday, she met me online. At that time, I ignored her in the game. Later, she called me. I think she hasn't forgotten me yet.
Drop meaning!

I didn't tell her that I 've been playing with her for more than a year, because she once said she wanted to commit suicide, and I knew she was really brittle.
Weak! My humanity tells me that we can no longer hurt her!

But I never thought I was sorry for anything! If you have paid, you will have a return. If you have hurt others, you will have to endure it.
Others return to you! (End)

He dazhuang is gone, the financial fans are gone, the sun is gone, the huge funny pig is gone, Xu Yue is gone, and the red apricot is gone. Who is next?

The most helpless thing in the world is to meet a person who is more competent than you when you are flying.

If you don't want to talk to you, you can reveal your content and dig your corners to grab your rice bowl and seduce your wife.

Good to others, people will only think that you are weak, think that you are an idiot, think that you are useless. It's only for everyone that you need to be jealous.

People respect you and let others worship you!

Genghis Khan said that the greatest joy of life is to chase the enemy everywhere to snatch their land wealth and listen to their wives and children crying.


The bloody and almost abnormal monologue of the intruders is chilling. the most frightening thing is that he did it!

Mr. Jiang zhongzheng said: He would rather kill one thousand by mistake and never let it go. He is a permanent honorary principal of the school. Even listen to the principal

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My words:

I agree most with this sentence:

She has changed a lot, but since the moment she betrayed me, I have no longer loved her, and I will be afraid of it when I am with her.
I am bored, or I have never taken it seriously for fun!

Me, too... She changed when she met someone, indeed. From the moment I knew that she had betrayed me, I didn't love her anymore.

However, I am only a DB-type person mentioned by the author. Now I only dream about it. However, it will not be so hard for others in the future.

In my opinion, a girl can never even cherish herself. How can I expect her to cherish me? How can I continue to love her ??

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