This is the PHP encryption for today's study, see if you can break

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This is the PHP encryption of today's research, and see if you can break it?

Eval ($WSc (" Jg9htmhdd2jyzxo9ik9ar2dkrm92evfkekltcefqc0x3vfndaej1a2xiak5lcwlev3rlrwf4twnucmzsylvyvlluq1vkaufldudzwfftz2frvgjxbvdlewpjd Nrkukrwvlpztnp4se1vd0zmbfboqkvpznjjve45bw9sa3b5wulhq2zbmw9mawrmmjl2yzjps1nncjvvmmfoq1vbmenlnw1vumtzsfdism96y0pieufnwho1rf Hvzhvfzdlkvlvkuvhsrktpmknhrv ........ In this section, you'll be able to work out a part of the eval ($WSc replaced by Base64_decode.
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By the part that comes out, you know how it's done, it's pretty much the same.
The main is to find the key, with Base64_decode decryption

!--? php
require_once ("eykj_date.php"); if (!function_exists (' file_get_contents ')) {function file_get_contents ($filename, $incpath = False, $resource _context = null) {if (false = = = $FH = fopen ($filename, ' RB ', $incpath)) {User_error (' file_get_contents () failed to open stream:no such file or directory ', e_user_warning); re Turn false; } clearstatcache (); if ($fsize = @filesize ($filename)) {$data = Fread ($fh, $fsize);} else {$data = '; while (!feof ($fh)) {$data. = Fread ( $FH, 8192); }} fclose ($FH); return $data; }} if (!function_exists (' Ob_get_clean ')) {function Ob_get_clean () {$contents = Ob_get_contents (); if ($contents!== FAL SE) Ob_end_clean (); return $contents; }} function Gzdecode ($data, & $filename = ", & $error =", $maxlength = null) {$len = strlen ($data); if ($len &L T
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