This section describes a gigabit router that is most suitable for Internet cafes.

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With the development of China's routing industry, Gigabit Routers have become one of the mainstream products in the market. It is also a good product for Internet cafes. ER5200 is a dual-WAN port high-performance gigabit router customized by Huawei 3Com for Internet cafes. It uses a professional 64-bit dual-core network processor and features a clock speed of up to 500 MHz, it also provides a wide range of proprietary features for Internet cafes. It is a mid-to-high-end product of Huawei 3Com's broadband Gigabit router and is an ideal choice for Internet cafe users.

The most luxurious configuration brings the best online experience. It uses a 64-bit dual-core network processor with a clock speed of up to 500 MHz and a professional network processor with a processing capability of 1 GHz. The typical bandwidth is. The 64 m ddr ii high-speed RAM is used for high-speed forwarding, and the clock speed reaches 533 M, which ensures fast processing of game data in Internet cafes. It has three Gigabit LAN interfaces that can be interconnected with core switches to eliminate bandwidth bottlenecks and greatly improve network speed.

High Security: defends against network viruses and attacks to create secure Internet cafes. Anti-ARP: built-in "Active ARP AttacK Defense" function. On the one hand, through the IP address <-> MAC Address binding function, the ARP list of the gateway is fixed, and the free ARP mechanism is regularly sent, it can effectively avoid ARP attacks caused by PC poisoning on the LAN. Anti-Intranet and Internet attacks: the anti-DDoS function is developed to defend against common DoS attacks in Internet cafes, including short packet, fragment packet, TearDrop, Ping of Death, Land Attack, tcp null connection attack, Syn Flood attack, TCP/UDP/port filter, etc, this ensures that Internet cafes are not attacked by competitors or hackers. Anti-network virus: the built-in advanced firewall function provides two-way data packet filtering and supports status firewalls to effectively prevent the occurrence of Nimda, shock wave, Trojan, and other viruses.

High Availability and full Chinese WEB configuration. Easy dual-WAN configuration: using a general Gigabit router, you only need to import the Gigabit router provided by Huawei 3Com or the route table collected by yourself on the WEB interface to achieve "China Netcom, china Telecom adopts the function of China Telecom. Upgrade without worries: supports modification of the MAC address of WAN and LAN ports. You do not need to change the previous network settings when replacing old devices; it supports the WEB upgrade of the latest software and the recovery after the upgrade fails, making the upgrade easy without any risks. P2P: over-occupation of network bandwidth routers by P2P software such as BT and Xunlei will affect the normal services of other users in the network, the network traffic speed limit Mechanism Based on IP addresses or NAT table entries can effectively control the excessive use of network bandwidth by P2P software.

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