This week HTML5 's knowledge points

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HTML5 general use of <meta> tags to describe the summary information of the Web page. Title label A total of 6, the title font bold

<p> label contents are displayed on one line and will be wrapped automatically when finished. <br> labels have a newline effect,

Space Identification:&nbsp;  Greater than sign >:&gt;  Less than sign <:&lt; Quotation mark ": &quot copyright Symbol:&copy;

Hyperlinks: Syntax:

<a href= "link address" target= "target window (_self is itself window, _blank is new window)" > link text or image </a>

Anchor: <a href= "#mark (First Name)" > Registration help </a> <a Name=mark (corresponding to previous name) href= "Address" > Text or Image </a>

Functional Links: <a href= "mailto (software): [email protected]" > Contact us </a>


<ul> (with small dots in the project) <ol> (with numbers in the project) <dl> (small headings left, then items listed on the right)

<li> first </li> <li> first </li> <dt> title one </dt>

<li> second </li> <li> second </li> <dd> first </dd>

</ul> </ol> </dl>

Table Syntax:


<tr> (Open Line)

<th> the first cell content in this row (this is a small header item with bold font) <th>



<td> the first cell content in this row <td> colspan is a cross-section representation that rowspan is a cross-line representation


Use of IFRAME:

<a href= "Address" target= "iframe name" > text or Picture </a>

<iframe name= "" Width= "" height= "" src= "default display page"/>

This week HTML5 's knowledge points

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