This week's summary

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This week's problems include:

1. How to relax: Stay up late, masturbate, these two relaxation methods ruined my weekend. Solution: After the weekend's relaxation style is forbidden to play games, read novels, instead: sports---play basketball, that is, play games and read novels forbidden one months, to play games or read novels only in summer and winter allowed

2. Study: Encounter difficult problems on the escape, do not understand on the left, do not go to see the news, and other things

3. The way to relax: Play basketball This is good, after slowly adhere to, every night and weekend can play basketball

4. Study: Pay attention to level six!! : Listen to a set of hearing every day!! Every day to remember the word!!! At least two sets of papers a day for two weeks.

Next week tasks:

OPENGL: 8th Chapter
Algorithm: Dynamic programming
Level six: 3
Chapter u3d:3,4,5

This week's summary

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