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One of the great benefits of using open source software is being able to participate in their powerful communication communities. As a leader in open source CMS, the Drupal community is a good example. As Drupal continues to evolve, members of the community are interacting every day, such as the new features of Drupal, how to use existing features, how to make the platform better, and so on. "Sharing" is the core spirit of open source, so many people will also have their own experience, ideas and a variety of relevant content recorded in the blog.

If you want to enhance your understanding of Drupal and learn it better, you can take a good look at these blogs.

Dries Buytaert's Blog

As the founder of Drupal, Dires's blog is undoubtedly an important source of our understanding of Drupal information. His blog regularly publishes the development and dynamics of Drupal, as well as information about Drupal's entire community and team.


The Lullabot team is comprised of many Drupal experts who share many professional tutorials and resources through blogs. For example, "Monday module Monday" is a module-specific tutorial every Monday, each time you can learn one or more module usage, is a good place to meet and learn modules.

Planet Drupal

Planet Drupal (Drupal Planet) is focused on the best blogs in the community, and now it has aggregated more than 530 Drupal-related feeds. The contents are varied and all-encompassing, which is a very useful learning material. Of course, because of the variety of content, the style is very different, although Drupal Planet has a lot of dry goods, many people are still not accustomed to access to it.


Acquia is a commercial Drupal company created by Dires, and as a leader in open source Web content Management (WCM) solutions, Acquia often shares a variety of Drupal application examples and insights into open source software development in blogs. Although a lot of content is to stand in the industry or development point of view of the problem, but how much can learn something. In addition to the technical articles released from time to time, Acquia blog is also a good place to learn Drupal.

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Those excellent Drupal tutorials abroad Blog

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