Those happy days for programmers (I) cainiao, or haven't evolved into cainiao yet? (I)

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There are three reasons for writing this series of articles:

1. On csdn, I saw a series of articles "When programmers are dogs and days", and I felt the author was too sad. So I made a comedy to make everyone happy.

2. Recently, the work schedule is not very tight. As the saying goes, it is a little painful to write your own past.

3. Share. My boss told me that we should know how to share with others. I think I will tell my younger brother later.


--------------------------------------------- Gorgeous and shameless split line -----------------------------------------


The story begins with the University's volunteer time. When I entered the fourth place in the county and then applied for a college or major, I consulted all the old teachers I met in the school (to be careful), but at last I fell onto the list of Lili. It seems that there is nothing here, but the only tragedy of the whole thing is that, that silly × is me. (PS: It indicates that the person you trust you the most may inadvertently fool you, even if he has no intention .)

When I fell into the rankings, I was no longer arrogant, and my previous pride became a shame (PS: I think of another sentence: I am responsible for the hard work I 've done when I was a child), the top 10 in the school, I started preparing for the banquet, but I started preparing for the fourth day.

It is a comedy. Of course, it cannot be so tragic. In that year, we had a new policy for enrolling students in the province, and the candidates on the list could fill in their volunteers (maybe some good schools didn't win enough people ), at that time, I went to see the schools that can be filled in. There was actually an East China Normal University. This was the school I used to volunteer for reference (I didn't see it at last and thought it was a junk school ). Without hesitation, I started to select a major in this school. At that time, there were only a few professionals that I could choose. Software Engineering, Computer, biological engineering, etc. An uncle of mine is a financial engineer in the county. He probably doesn't understand these majors, but I asked him for advice, he said with great enthusiasm, "the software engineering major sounds better than the computer. You should choose this ". (PS: Oh, I just read it because a professional name sounds awesome. It can be seen that I am really interested in this major. Fortunately, I didn't choose bioengineering, I heard that it is difficult to find a job in that major. I have a hard time working with the mathematics department and the philosophy department ). Finally, I received a letter from the East China Normal University. At the moment of the notice, my brother was "tearful.

When the notice comes, I will wait for college and do nothing every day. Later, a brother told me that I will read software later and must use a computer. So I went to the internet cafe with him. He taught me to boot, shut down, and restart. He said this was the first step in learning software. My God, I admired him at that time. Later, he applied for a QQ number for me, saying that everyone now uses this chat on the Internet, and then asked me to chat with others.

The first time I knew that I could chat with people through my computer, I was so happy. When I want to chat, I find that I have no friends in it and I don't know who to chat. Then he added me and I talked to him. He said something about the two masters and asked me to find someone else. I said I wouldn't, he added me some friends in the same city (PS: all women) and told me to be brave and decisive. Next, the most embarrassing thing happened in my chat career. I sent a message to an online girl, "Hello, miss. Can I make a friend ?" (PS: I typed the words for the first time. I typed these words for a few minutes. I didn't enter them intelligently yet. I had to find every letter on the keyboard for a long time, it's just silly ). Finally, the girl replied: "SB "......

This chat hit me deeply, and I felt that my computer was not a good thing. I was not a good guy or a good guy, the key is to teach me to smoke. This is not a tragedy. Now, I smoke a pack every day and he stops smoking ). Then I don't want to go online. I want to go home, but he wants to wait and ask me to wait. I'm bored. Just click something on the computer. I have to say that my brother is brilliant. Just click it and click porn (The position of porn is still relatively deep, at that time, our culture was developed and enlightened. Then I opened it and saw that this was my first access to the AV field in Japan. I remember my female pig's name was Shen Gu Ji (my classmates told me). From then on, I borrowed a famous saying: I don't know Shen Gu Ji, And I think av is just a waste ......

Life is composed of loops. When you jump out of the first loop and enter the next loop, you may find that the values in the previous loop are incorrect. When I was in college, I realized that software engineering is not about chatting, not about using QQ, or even discovering that, the first female pig in my culture was not "Shen Gu Ji", but an unknown actress. Potholes ......


The following section describes university admission. If you think you are writing well, you must write well ......

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