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Since I graduated from college, I have been interviewed for only a few times. I carefully prepare for each interview, understand the background of the company, and understand the requirements of the positions to be applied for. I will also consider the questions that the interviewer will pay attention. As a result, no major problems have occurred. Basically, the interview was successful. In recent years, more and more people have been interviewed by themselves. Some people have gradually taken on leadership positions, and there are also a large number of interview indicators each year. I feel a lot of emotion when talking about the interview. Many of them are really unexpected. You can't think of them. I would like to list some of the situations you have encountered and add some comments. I hope this will be helpful to the interviewees. 1. Take an object or friend to the test and interview. In this case, there have been many times. During the campus job fair, you may often have a person or friend with whom you have written and interviewed. You may not have the courage to take an independent test or interview, what is the purpose? Or can the two of you still work normally if they cannot be separated for a while? So far, I have never seen anyone who needs to be accompanied by a written test interview to get an offer. What's more, people who have been working for several years, recruited candidates from the community, and those who have taken their families to the test interview do not know what the mentality is. Do I have to bring my family members to work in the future? Or are you afraid of derailment? Or the cabinet? 2. Ask the interviewer for various benefits during the interview. Basically, most interviewers are people who have been in the Unit for a long time. Most of them are not clear about the specific benefits and benefits of new employees. The conclusion he needs to give is whether or not this person is required. The most clear benefit is HR, and the decision-making is HR or HR supervisor. Asking the interviewer for treatment and benefits, or asking too much about the treatment and benefits, is to make the interviewer annoyed and feel that there is no intention yet. You can communicate with hr after the interview. Some people may disagree with this issue. To be fair, please reverse it. If a company doesn't ask you how much work you can do next month, you will surely feel a bit ridiculous. This problem occurs especially in many large companies and is not necessary, because their standards are set in a unified manner. If you don't ask, you will go through that standard, why are you in a hurry? 3. In the interview process, the test drawing will be taken from the interviewer's hand as an evaluation form or written examination paper. No matter what the motive is, do you want to explain it to the interviewer or anything else? Is it too casual? Do you think a dormitory is busy? The interviewer will usually relax you. This is because you are afraid of being nervous and cannot see your real level. That cannot be relaxed. Basically, for formal companies, the evaluation form will be discarded after you finish reading it. The interviewer needs to fill in a new one. This behavior will only reduce your score, and there is no reason to give you extra points. The interview may even end if you are disgusted with this kind of dynamic behavior. He has this right. 4. Speak cleanly. This is a good explanation. I rely on it. I am a day, TMD, and a social man. Do you think this is B's social recruitment? B's social recruitment of younger siblings has to cut you off, not so familiar with you. Which type of enterprise does not like this type of talent, let alone what I get used to at school. If you get used to it at school, you will continue to pay the tuition fee at the company. Will you be happy if the company doesn't pay you? 5. Selling cute during the interview. The key is to be satisfied. A girl may have a good impression when facing a male interviewer. You said that a rough man sold cute to a man's interviewer. Do you want him to get revenge if he doesn't have enough food to eat? Are you a rescue engineer from a monkey? There are many other similar problems. These issues are listed for the moment. The old saying goes: Lin Zi has all the birds.

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