Thoughts on communication in software projects

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1. equivalence of communication

Both parties should have a full understanding and understanding of the issue, and each other should have a full and detailed explanation of their own understanding, in the communication process, you cannot objectively express the opposite party because of different positions.

Ii. Effectiveness of communication

The subject of the communication should be clear, and the two sides should reach a consensus. Communication without consensus is ineffective and cannot be implemented in software implementation.

Iii. Timeliness of communication

Communication issues must be proactive so that they can be instructive for subsequent development.

Iv. Normative Communication

During the communication process, you should pay attention to recording the content, prepare the content in advance, and both parties should understand the content in advance. Do not run the question during the process, and the prepared materials should be standardized.

V. Cost of communication

Communication is costly. Therefore, it is best to solve similar problems at one time to form resolutions.

6. Scope of communication

The scope of the communication should be clearly defined. The input, output, internal logic rules, and data rules of the boundary are the focus of the discussion.

7. Objects of communication

During problem communication, it is best to directly communicate with business experts to minimize the number of intermediate communication links.

8. Communication Tools

Using a variety of means and tools, meetings (direct and indirect --- telephone/television meetings), emails, documents, etc. During the communication, it is best to use graphical descriptions that both parties can understand, such as UML, so as to be concise, intuitive, easy to understand, and reduce the ambiguity of the language description.

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