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Having lunch at noon, the soldiers are bored to watch movies in Thunder! I believe many webmasters have similar experiences. They also need to sit in front of their computers during meals, check whether your website is running normally, pay attention to industry trends, and whether there are any new operations on the space service provider. If it's okay, everything is fine. So I opened QQ to check what my peers were talking about and what was worth your attention. Or I took a look at a movie and gave myself a fake copy. Many webmasters are difficult to relax. I believe you can understand it.

At this time, a piece of news is popped up from QQ. The title is "the three provinces in Shandong and Anhui compete for the hometown of Ximen Qing". Let's not talk about the content first. What about the title? Can it attract your attention? Even if you don't pay attention to it, do you think that friends in Shandong and Anhui will pay attention to it? Let's take a look at it with you:

1. The title mentions Shandong, Anhui, and region. At least it can attract the attention of friends in Shandong, Anhui, and Anhui provinces -------- attraction 1

2. Two provinces and three regions, General. If we talk about the city of ** ¥ # in Anhui province, Shandong province, do you think the number of people to attract increases or decreases? --- Attractiveness 2

3. What kind of person is there in Ximen's hometown? Needless to say, why is there a debate? ---- Attraction 3

4. We all have a habit of "watching the excitement". When we see the crowd in the street, many people may unconsciously seek forward to know what happened. Similarly, the title competition just captures our psychology. When we see such news, we will unconsciously click it, just as we know that the place won the championship. What we want is nothing but a result.

In summary, we can see that the most important news title is the title, because a good title will attract people to watch even if there is no content.

The same is true for website promotion soft text. It is only twice the result of learning to write soft text from the perspective of readers and spectators.

Yesterday, I wrote a soft article entitled "sharing ideas about website promotion using hot news", which was recognized by some friends. A friend named "Devino cupboard" said when talking with me, many new webmasters will be promoted as soon as they have done a good job on the website, therefore, you can simply copy and paste the hot news on the Internet and add your website information, websites, links to your blog space forums and other places. In this way, you can do this in the early stage of website promotion, as the saying goes, it's better to be honest. However, the soldiers advise everyone not to stick to this practice. This measure can be taken when there is no subject matter in the early stage and there is no way to start.

1. There are already many news sites, hot posts, forums, and other reposts in hot news. Is there any effect after reprinting? At the top of the page, I add more external links to my website, which results in fewer ip addresses.

2. Copy and paste the file. It is a pseudo-original object even if it is modified. Especially for the new station, this approach makes the engine feel that you are forcing them to include your website. If you are an engine, will you include it? Even if it is included, do you like that website? If you think about it a few times, it's all clear.

3. Most of the hot news is inconsistent with the subject matter of your website. No relevance is a failure for soft texts. Even if someone is posted, others may be curious about the news. If you are a forum or another type of consulting site, congratulations. If not, sorry, you lose a permanent ip address. It may be less likely to be cheated next time. What's more, he will tell his friends that the consequences will not be discussed. This is unlikely, but it does not mean no. Please be careful.

We analyzed the relevance between the title of the website promotion soft text and the news title, and analyzed the disadvantages of the new webmaster's publishing of pseudo-original news promotion. So how can we embed website information into news and integrate it into one? Next we will discuss it again.

Taking 99-Dragon Taobao shopping guide Network ( as an example, it is a shopping guide station. Many kinds of news such as beauty, makeup, clothes, and weight loss can be used to promote soft text materials. There are thousands of news such as Tencent fashion, women, and shopping. Let's take spring/summer travel MM clothes and accessories as an example. Do you think it will resonate with everyone if we add some travel clothes and accessories with our website's baby suggestions? Because MM people see such a combination of recommendations, and then look at their own wardrobe lack such clothes, and such a combination is in line with their own character. So when he reads the first half of the article, he will think, where can I buy such beautiful clothes? Well, our suggestion below is coming out, and your desire to purchase is being linked up, so let's take a look at your website by the way, let's see how you sell things .........

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