Thoughts on Team Project Plan, role arrangement and technical preparation

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Our team plans to develop a mobile app, and the project name is initially set to "babybottle ". The actual function of this project is to put the emotions that cannot be spoken into a bottle, as if they were "Memories" buried under the tree, put yourself in the most precious, important, or regretful ways ...... Are put in it. Of course, this software is not limited to this, but can also be used as a memo tool or a notebook, not limited to text, you can use pictures, videos, audio to express your heart.

There are many software development processes, and agile Requirements for the Team include self-management, self-organization, and multi-function. These seem simple but difficult to do. We will try to move closer here.

As a designer in the group, I want to design the features and interfaces of this app. Since we have never been familiar with app development before, we are the first attempt to learn a lot. After learning about Android development, we will learn how to use Android controls, input boxes, text boxes, buttons, and lists. In addition, I also need to learn technologies such as PS and flash to beautify the app interface.

For more than a month, I will study hard and work together with my team. I will do my best to complete this project together.

Thoughts on Team Project Plan, role arrangement and technical preparation

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