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I have read several articles on router settings for Internet cafes. This article is not the most detailed, but just shows the basic method of router settings for Internet cafes. You must make different choices based on specific problems.

I. Basic settings

Generally, you can set the internet cafe router in five ways:
1. the Console port is connected to a terminal or a microcomputer that runs the terminal simulation software;
2. The AUX port is connected to a MODEM through a telephone line and is connected to a remote terminal or a computer that runs the terminal simulation software;
3. Use the TFTP server on Ethernet;
4. Use the TELNET program on the Ethernet;
5. Use the SNMP network management workstation on the Ethernet.

Ii. Command status

1. router> the vro is in the USER command status. You can view the connection status of the vro and access other networks and hosts, but cannot view and change the vro settings of the Internet cafe.

2. router # Enter enable at the router> prompt and enter the privileged command status router #. In this case, you can not only execute all user commands, but also view and change the router settings of the Internet cafe.

3. router (config) # Enter configure terminal at the router # prompt, and the prompt router (config) # appears. At this time, the vro is in the global setting state. You can set global parameters for the vrouter.

4. router (config-if) #; router (config-line) #; router (config-router )#;... The vro is in the local setting state. You can set a local parameter of the vro.

5. The vro is in the RXBOOT status. Press ctrl-break within 60 seconds after the vro is started to enter this status. In this case, the vro cannot complete normal functions. You can only perform software upgrade and manual boot.

6. Set the dialog status. This status automatically enters when a new vro is started. You can use the SETUP command in the privileged command status to enter this status. In this case, you can set the dialog status for the vro.

3. Set the dialog process

1. Display prompt information
2. Global parameter settings
3. interface parameter settings
4. Using the set dialog process to display the result can avoid the hassle of manually entering commands, but it cannot completely replace manual settings. Some special settings must also be completed through manual input. The Internet cafe router settings are basically complete.

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