Thoughts on the second chapter of reading the Road to Jane

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When you see this article, you can know, but also the teacher assigned homework, no way. Next I'll write the idea of reading chapter two.

First of all, I disagree with the author's view that lazy people have created the method. I do not know where the author inferred from the "can be free to see the fire will be able to burn the stone." Why say that others are idle, very belittle Li Bing. Why not say Li Bing is inadvertently seen in the occasional found? This is only a common sense of life, the author to give an example can not be lifted Li Bing example, this example is very inappropriate. Li Bing is a wise man, and when he is assigned to the task of drilling a mountain, he knows how to find the simple way from the little things in life. Li Bing is no lazy man! He was not idle to see the stones, but to find a better way to dig the mountain.

In addition, 1 million lines of code can be written in a file, of course, it is best not to write in a file. In this way, when you look back at the time often found is not what you want, a great waste of work efficiency. So, I admire the programmer who can divide a file into multiple files without causing confusion.

And then, is the book on your desk messy? This sentence is very image, let me deeply understand a program, just need you to tidy up the basic knowledge to improve it. Programming is not difficult.

Finally,: program = algorithm + structure + method. This formula perfectly illustrates what a program is. Although everyone knows the formula, it is another thing to do it. The so-called "process-oriented development" is actually a habitual term for "structured programming" in the code phase.

Well, want to say so much, and then let some of the book read again write it! Not the teacher asked, who will eat full support to write these things? If the teacher asks again, look at my next article.

Thoughts on the second chapter of reading the Road to Jane

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