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Zhuangzi's thoughts have their meanings, functions, and values in every age, not just the meaning of it in our age. The thoughts of Zhuangzi are profound and contemporary, just like those of all the great sages.In every era, thinking, resonance, and thought Sparks are aroused. Therefore, it lies inProblems are the most fundamental problems in life. These problems are the ultimate polar problems that people in every age will encounter and cannot be avoided. The unique answer provided by Zhuangzi is deeply thought-provoking. It ignited the torch of thoughts in every age and therefore lived in every age.

In the increasingly prosperous economy era, the primary problem we face is the reconstruction of philosophy of life. The traditional philosophy of life is undoubtedly the source of wisdom for us to reconstruct our philosophy of life. An important task of inheriting and promoting the traditional philosophy of life is to distinguish between the essence and the spirit of the times through careful reflection and give it the meaning of the times, make people consciously recognize this traditional culture with the significance of the times. However, the philosophy we want to choose must be consistent with the situation in today's society and the contradictions faced by society, in general, the problems facing today's society are caused by various problems and even disasters by the desire-oriented civilization in order to achieve their own goals. , Such as environmental pollution, alienation and alienation between people, and tension between countries, in the ancient thought of Zhuangzi, there are many ways to overcome the disadvantages of modern society and useful content for creating a future society. . Zhuangzi's world view can surpass the narrow limits of modern world view , Providing a new world view for future social development --" Unity World View "; Chuang Tzu " Theme " The idea of equality for building a beautiful " Global Village " Provides a new theoretical perspective ; The most important task we face today is :" How to build a new civilization that enables humanity to survive on the basis of a world full of desires ? " Chuang Tzu " Xiaoyaoyou " The concept of freedom provides an important ideological basis for the transition of civilization. . Zhuangzi's thoughts have an important post-modern significance .

Indeed, today, in this unprecedented Society of transformation, each of us is inevitably involved in the flood of changes. The increasing development of the material economy reflects the sinking of the spiritual world. Zhuangzi's thoughts may have a special feeling and significance for modern people!

Think about the world we live in today: the result of modern high mechanization has already turned youyou life into a thing of the past. Everyone just quickly and blindly rotates in the "high-speed" vortex, like being driven by demons, and rushing to bear the stream. The life of urban civilization no longer has any contact with Earth or nature. The beautiful and emotional way of rural life has also been destroyed. With the prevalence of collectivism, the people's active emotions are wiped out by the bureaucratic dogma, and the vivid spirit is wiped out by rigid forms ...... This kind of feeling allows you to get in touch with Chuang Tzu and increase your understanding of him.

As long as you start to get in touch with Chuang Tzu, you will be involuntarily fascinated by the ideological garden opened up by him. There, there is no "heart of man", no fatigue, no terror, and no oppression. All the factors entangled in modern people's minds that cause anxiety are scattered in the value system of Zhuangzi. He abandoned the drag of the world and stressed the simplicity of life. They despise personal idols, boast individuality, and deny the authority of the gods and ghosts ...... In short, when approaching him, he will feel relieved. In the world he created in his years, his mood will always be so carefree and free.

The pursuit of spiritual absolute freedom is the soul of Chuang Tzu's concept of freedom and the highest realm of his philosophy of life. Chuang Tzu's pursuit of Xiaoyao games is bold, enthusiastic, persistent, and elegant. In addition to the real world of materialistic and man-made actions, he finds a peaceful spiritual harbor for people, this is undoubtedly for those in today's society " Xixi is lilai, bustling for profit " , " Strive for fame and prosperity " People have opened up a spiritual world that is much better than the real world, and satisfy people with external things, in addition, Zhuangzi's bold criticism of secular concepts not only helps people broaden their minds and broaden their horizons, in this way, we can break the mental shackles, remove from traditional ideas and secular troubles, and provide us with a psychological balance in adversity, to form a stable mentality in adversity.

Chuang Tzu pursues a realm of freedom and natural life. " The secret is also the soul of the soul, its perception is also open, and connected to the structure, the day to fight " (On things together) Chuang Tzu cannot accept such troubles. "Life-long service, but not its success", this inactive life that cannot be autonomous is also left by Chuang Tzu. He gave a name for all kinds of difficulties in life caused by being unable to live freely. " Penalty " . His positive opinion is: " Take things as a game " ("The world of man"), that is, to comply with the natural law, to maintain the freedom of the soul. The highest performance of this realm is " Wuji " , " Reactive Power " , " Unknown " .

This is the highest realm that exists beyond external things and is lacking in today's society. If everyone is able to rebuild their spiritual home with Zhuangzi's thoughts, the dilemmas we modern people face will gradually disappear.

indeed, the ideal home that Chuang Tzu created here cannot be imagined by modern people. In addition, Zhuangzi " Qi Wu theory " the idea of equality is to build a beautiful " global village " provides a new theoretical perspective.

Equality is one of the important values of modern society. The concept of equality in life that has first emerged in the West since modern times is still a major part of the modern concept of equality, the liberal equality concept is still the mainstream and explicit concept of modern equality. In the same way, the modern concept of equality has also seen an extended trend. Its fields are no longer limited to social and political fields, but are expanded to the fields of natural and natural relationships. The rise of contemporary environmental ethics reflects this tendency. Environmental Ethics advocates the extension of equality to animals and all life forms other than humans ( Life Center Theory ) And even the entire natural world. ( Beyond human society ) The concept of equality can be called the Big equality concept. If the modern concept of political equality makes us wake up from the concept of identity hierarchy and individuality, then the concept of big equality in the universe will bring us out of the center of mankind. Equality is one of the important features of the modern equality view.

The concept of equality shown in Zhuangzi is compatible with the above-mentioned characteristics and trends of the modern concept of equality. Zhuangzi's " View things with the Tao " It implies an equal view of all things from the overall perspective of ecology, which is consistent with the viewpoint of contemporary environmental ethics, especially eco-centralism ethics. ; In terms of the relationship between people and things, Zhuangzi has a clear sense of full respect for things and equality between things and people. Human Centralism holds that all things exist for mankind. The interests of mankind are higher than those of other non-human beings. Everything is just a tool to achieve the purpose of mankind. At the same time, things are also divided into high and low levels based on the degree to meet human needs, that is, the usefulness. Chuang Tzu does not have this kind of prejudice against human Centralism. It does not devalue and then cancel the survival scale of animals and completely tool the animals. It rejects the replacement of natural standards with human standards. This concept is embodied in the relationship between humans and animals, liberation of contemporary animals, and the ethics of rights theory. ; In terms of the relationship between people, the equality ideology in Chuang Tzu's difference potentially contains the significance of pursuing equality of individual freedom. Although Chuang Tzu advocates equality (" Qi ") But it is by no means to bring everyone to a plane and conform to a standard. Instead, we believe that everyone is equal in fully demonstrating their own personality and realizing their potential. This can be further explained as follows: in the sense that everyone is free, everyone is equal. As a result, equality is achieved when freedom is realized, and real equality is formed only between free individuals. On the other hand, only by establishing an equal relationship can a person be able to achieve his or her freedom. Unequal treatment of people not only limits or even denies the freedom of others, but also makes themselves unfree. These ancient equality ideas in Chuang Tzu can become the ideological resources of Modern Equality and Freedom concepts and shine again.

The world Zhuangzi thought in the 21st century has become an indispensable philosophical thought. It is of great practical significance for us to solve the world, individual, and various social problems we face, therefore, we must actively extract the wealth we need from Zhuangzi's thoughts !!!


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