Thousand Computer Configuration How to play the LOL game

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Although the price of the host is gradually falling, many friends in the choice of configuration will also have a higher budget, but there are many students in the school or not well-off friends also need to have their own host, their own save machine is very efficient way of application.

Computer Master save money installed thousand Yuan DIY computer easy to play LOL game

For some friends, thousands of dollars may not be able to reach a CPU or a graphics card budget, but for the bag of shy friends, thousand yuan is to have their own host and experience the classic game of money.

Below we will try to accept second-hand under the premise of the Thousand-level savings machine how to mix with the assembly, finally can get what kind of effect. All second-hand prices mentioned in the article are available on the second-hand market online store prices, not seconds to kill or promote, note: Second-hand hardware there are different risks, in the choice of the protection of the business must be selected, we recommend the power supply and hard drive to choose the whole new product.

The following for everyone to bring a price of less than thousand yuan, but DIY computer performance can beat 80% of computers, Master LU 100,000 run points, you can easily play lol game of DIY computer tutorials.

First of all, our budget card is in thousand dollars, then we should allocate the whole budget. At such a price of the overall requirements of course not too high, but the host can not be too outdated, USB 3.0 interface, SATA 3 is very necessary.

  Save machine must understand the truth

Our goal is the medium level of configuration, you can play the game before 2010, commonly used software to open without pressure, if you want to consider later upgrades, DDR3 memory is also the necessary choice.

The approximate position of the thousand-dollar budget cpu in a ladder diagram

To the performance of the whole machine and display effect requirements, it is necessary to have a good CPU and graphics card, so the budget in these two places is also the highest, the motherboard matching also need to meet the needs. In addition, the current high cost of memory, but also to set aside more budget.

Since the pursuit of cost-effective, then AMD CPU is preferred, the older AMD CPU can open the core can be overclocking, the price is also very affordable, with can open the core of the motherboard is the choice, CPU and motherboard budget accounted for 200 yuan.

Graphics card to occupy the highest budget, in the second-hand graphics, large manufacturers of products, although it will be more expensive, but the quality is more stable, the good color of some graphics cards can also start, graphics card budget for 280 yuan.

The approximate position of the thousand-dollar video card in a ladder diagram

DDR3 memory prices are high, need to occupy a budget of 230 yuan, considering that the price of memory may be gradually lower, our memory stops at 2 4G, there are more adequate upgrade space.

The choice of power is more important, we prepare 100 yuan budget for power selection. The power supply is related to the stable operation of the whole platform and long time reliability, but also need to combine the hardware of the front to select power reasonable power, if it is second-hand products, you need to choose the power of the big brand.

The general distribution of the budget, note that no analogy should be used at other prices

The requirements of the hard drive is not high, the 150-dollar budget can basically be taken down, this price is basically in the space of 500G, as long as you do not put high-definition movies, general use or enough.

Calculate here, the radiator and the chassis still have 40 yuan, the front hardware can compress a part of space, these two pieces is the appearance of 20 and 30, the overall calculation of the host's budget will not deviate too much, the budget is determined after the market can be based on the product options.

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