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dial-up Internet access through ADSL, has become a number of individual users of the preferred way of access to the Internet. Although this way of surfing the internet is much faster than the traditional telephone dial-up, but this speed is still a certain distance from the real broadband speed. Of course, if we can use our brains to tap the potential of ADSL, there is still a way to let ADSL run faster, or even to the speed of the real broadband speed. If you don't believe me, please take a look at the following ADSL optimization Shifa, I believe that under the guidance of these methods, ADSL internet speed is much faster than usual.

   1, enable the data subcontracting function

As you know, if you are transmitting large volumes of data on the Internet, you will find ADSL at this time the speed of the Internet will be very slow, on the contrary, if you are on the Internet to transmit small volume of data information, you will feel ADSL Internet speed becomes very fast. Based on this principle, you can enable the ADSL data subcontracting function, let ADSL in the transmission of large-capacity data information, the automatic transfer of this data into packets, so that you will not feel the ADSL in the transmission of data interruption phenomenon, so there is no longer to wait for a long time. To enable ADSL data subcontracting, you can follow these steps to set the following:

Click the start/Run command, and in the pop-up System Run dialog box, enter the registry edit command "Regedit", and then click OK to open the System's Registry editing window;

Select the registry branch Hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetservicestcpipparameters in turn, and in the right child window of the corresponding parameters branch, Check to see if the SackOpts double-byte value is included, and if not, you can right-click the parameters Branch and execute the new/double-byte value command from the pop-up right-click menu, then name the newly created double-byte value "sackopts";

Then double-click the "SackOpts" key value, in the figure 1 displayed in the Numerical Settings window, enter the number "1", and then click the "OK" button, and finally restart the computer system, so that the installation of ADSL installed in the computer can automatically enable data subcontracting function, At this time with ADSL Internet transmission of large volumes of data, you will find ADSL speed quickly a lot.

   2, set the appropriate buffer size

Typically, the TCP/IP default data transfer unit accepts a buffer size of 576 bytes, and if the size of the buffer is set to large, all grouped content in the entire data buffer will be lost and transferred once a TCP/IP packet data error occurs Obviously, the continuous retransmission will greatly affect the efficiency of ADSL transmission data. Therefore, setting the appropriate buffer size to ensure the ADSL transmission data efficiency is always high, will have a direct impact on ADSL transmission speed. When you set the buffer size, you can follow these steps:

Click the start/Run command, and in the pop-up System Run dialog box, enter the registry edit command "Regedit", and then click OK to open the System's Registry editing window;

Select the registry branch Hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetservicesvxdmstcp in turn, as shown in Figure 2;

In the right child window of the corresponding MSTCP branch, check for the existence of the string value "Defaultrcvwindows", if it does not exist, right-click the Mstcp item, and then execute the new/String value command from the pop-up right-click menu. And take the newly created string value name as "Defaultrcvwindows," and then double-click the "Defaultrcvwindows" key value, and in the next Numeric Settings window, enter the number "256960", and then click OK. And then restart the computer system, at this time ADSL internet speed will be a little faster.

  3. Prevent frequent interruption of flow

If you use ADSL dial-up in Windows 98 system, it is particularly easy to disconnect the network for a while, this phenomenon is mostly due to the Windows 98 system of ADSL-related network components "congenital" incompatibility caused; obviously, Frequent interruption of the phenomenon will lead to ADSL internet speed greatly reduced. To effectively improve ADSL transmission speed, you have to find ways to stop ADSL frequent cut-off phenomenon; To do this, in fact, is very simple, you can go to Ftp:// EXE to obtain a system patch, and then install the patch on the computer system where the ADSL, so that the Windows 98 system of ADSL-related network components will be improved compatibility, then ADSL Internet is not prone to frequent interruption of the phenomenon, In this way ADSL internet speed will be improved.

   4. Dynamically Optimize MTU values

We know that the MTU of TCP/IP, directly affecting the ADSL data transmission efficiency, if the value set too large, then the actual transmission of data needs to be grouped again, this will reduce the transmission efficiency, if the number set too small, the same is not conducive to high-speed data transmission. To this end, many people by modifying the registry method, "forcibly" the ADSL maximum MTU value set to 1450. In fact, different ISPs provide ADSL maximum MTU value, is not exactly the same, if you will ADSL maximum MTU number "fixed" to 1450, it may also reduce ADSL data transmission efficiency! Then there is no way, in the ADSL dial-up access to the process, automatic detection ISP supply line status, and according to the actual situation dynamically optimize the MTU value, so that ADSL data transmission efficiency is always in the most ideal state? The answer is yes, you can use the DSL speed tool to help you easily optimize the ADSL maximum MTU value dynamically.

Download get DSL SpeedTool, install it in the usual way, and after installation, double-click the corresponding shortcut icon on your desktop, and then click the Continue in Trail Mode button to open the Optimization settings interface as shown in Figure 3;

In the "Normal Optimize" tab of the interface, click the "Testing Your DSL Connection Speed Online" button and, in the subsequent Internet page, follow the prompts to detect your ADSL speed. Once the test is complete, you can see your ADSL speed in the results page shown in Figure 4.

Then click the Process button in the Figure 3 interface and when the screen appears with the prompt to "optimize the successful restart of the computer", you must click the "OK" button to acknowledge it.

Then switch to the "Advance Optimize" tab page and click the "Start" button, so the DSL speed tool will begin to detect the ISP environment parameters of your ADSL and dynamically analyze these parameters to find the ideal MTU value When you click the Process button in the corresponding tab page after the analysis verification operation, the DSL speed tool automatically optimizes the ADSL dynamically with the best MTU value, and you must restart the computer system after the optimization has been completed. Here, the task of dynamically optimizing the MTU value is complete.

  5, the ADSL to overclocking

In order to dig out the "potential" of the ADSL device as much as possible, you can use the optimization tools such as ADSL overclocking to overclocking the ADSL to improve your surfing speed.

When overclocking the ADSL, download the latest version of the ADSL overclocking Program, then install it on the computer system where the ADSL is located, then double-click the corresponding program icon on the desktop to open the ADSL overclocking interface; Click the "Advanced overclocking" tab in the interface to enter the Overclocking Advanced Settings page as shown in Figure 5;

Then click the Start Check button in the page, then ADSL overclocking will automatically check the current Internet parameters ADSL, and the system registry of the relevant parameters for dynamic modification, wait until the completion of the verification operation, you click the "Advanced overclocking" button, ADSL overclocking will be on the ADSL of the official overclocking , overclocking task completed, and then restart the computer system, later you use ADSL dial-up way to surf the Internet, you will find that the Internet speed is 1 time times faster than before.

   6, reasonable connection ADSL

Do not underestimate the ADSL line connection yo, because the line connection is appropriate or not, the impact on the speed of ADSL Internet is very large. As ADSL is also using a special twisted-pair transmission technology to transmit data, and twisted-pair is the proper law of the two copper wire intertwined with each other, so as to resist the external electromagnetic signal interference purposes. To do this, if you connect ADSL to the household telephone line, must ensure that the telephone line in the household can not be too long, after all, two copper wire in the household telephone line is parallel to the line, if their length is too long, it is easy to cause ADSL resistance to the external interference ability of the decline, which leads to the speed of ADSL transmission data decline. Under normal circumstances, the household telephone line is best not more than 5 meters, if 5 meters away, it must be replaced by more than 5 types of twisted pair.

In addition, ADSL transmission data is on the basis of ordinary telephone lines, superimposed high-frequency digital communication signal to complete; In order to ensure the high frequency digital signal in the transmission process without interference, please do not install the phone before the ADSL filter, or the installation of telephone anti-theft system; and, at each connector of the ADSL cable, must ensure that the joint is reliable, can not have the slightest loosening of the phenomenon, otherwise it will greatly affect the speed of data transmission.

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