Three additional features of the iphone can be disabled (step-by-step version)

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I believe that when you buy an iPhone, few will study the functions of a system. It is generally used when you get it, and some annoying functions are too reluctant to be disabled. In fact, disabling some features will increase your mobile phone experience a lot. For example:

1. The wifi assistant must be disabled.(Settings> Cellular Mobile Network> Wireless LAN assistant)

The first step of getting the phone number should be to disable this function, because if you enable this function, even if you are using wifi, sometimes it will automatically switch to your own traffic. Some users are in arrears for a night's sleep, more or less related to this function.

2. Close the diagnosis result.(Settings> Privacy> diagnosis and usage)

This function can easily leak users' privacy. The circled "may include location information" in the figure ". Disabling this function will not cause any inconvenience to our daily use.
3. Multiple notifications(Settings> Notifications> Messages> repeated reminders)

I believe this is the most annoying thing for many people. Many people think this may be a fixed function of the Apple system. Actually, it is not. You can find the information in the notification and set it through repeated reminders.

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