Three advantages of social networking sites in search engine optimization

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WEB2.0 site and the essence of the traditional site is different from the content of the former by the user to contribute to the observation of a lot of 2.0 sites, feel the search engine on such sites crawl, update are more frequent, as to rankings, weights and so on, but also higher than the general traditional Web site. But it is not said to be born 2.0 of the weight of the site is higher than the traditional Web site, this is edu,gov domain name than the weight of the name of a high, but why the weight of social networking sites than the weight of the traditional site is high, this is today we want to discuss the topic.

Traditional website information, are updated by the webmaster, that is, what the site updates, what users look at, and 2.0 of the site, the site operators only responsible for maintaining the stability of the site, providing a platform for communication, and users of the discussion, communication is the main content of the site.

What are the advantages of social networking content in terms of search engine optimization:

1. Content authenticity:

Compared with the authenticity of traditional websites, the content of social networking sites is the content authenticity of the broad sense. A large number of users on the site to discuss the topic, the resulting information between the search engine used to make judgments, there is a lot of help. In the article on Bing and Facebook trying out a new ranking algorithm, we've talked about the idea that Bing, in fact, wants to be involved in sequencing with all the power.

2, update the frequency quickly:

Through our observation, for some of the social nature of the site, search engines are almost done in real time, general new page generated, can be included in 1 minutes. This is more difficult for the traditional site, the site has to have a certain weight to do this, or social networking sites have not been updated the frequency of the said, because social networking sites are updated 24 hours a day.

3, the dissemination of social content:

Although most of the content of social networking sites is fragmented, it has very high propagation characteristics. While the content of social networking sites is fragmented, they are very valuable to a fixed theme, and social networking sites gather these pieces of content on a theme-by-node, are very easy to spread and flock together, and are very easy to attract new users in.

and SEO optimization emphasis on the link bait, improve the content of the attraction, these are just social networking sites born with this ability, from the above three point of view, social networking site content is enough for search engines have great appeal.

Due to the limited ability of personal expression, but I also try to make everyone webmaster friends can read I said every word, as well as the center of the article. The last knife also want to know more, more senior SEO practitioners, New SEO optimization Group: 68204508. Author: The knife article is provided by the foreign Exchange Investment Trading ( NET, A5 starts.

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